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Smooth Airflow For The 8th-Gen. Mishimoto Civic Si Induction Hose R&D

We’ve got another awesome project in the works for the 8th-generation Honda Civic Si! Our recently released performance intake system received great feedback from customers, but it also identified an additional need for intake system components. We decided to develop a Civic Si induction hose made from silicone to replace the stock rubber unit.

Stock Civic Si Induction Hose

Before jumping into the design of our prototype hose, check out a few shots of the stock unit.
Stock Honda Civic parts
Stock Honda Civic parts
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2012+ Honda Civic Si Induction Hose Development

If you follow our engineering blog you may have noticed some recent attention on the 8th-generation Civic Si. Well, we aren’t making a push for just this generation. We also want to dive into the 9th-generation and develop some unique new parts to improve this awesome car. Our first project will be quite simple: to produce a Civic Si induction hose that replaces the stock rubber unit. This upgrade provides improved durability as well as pleasing aesthetics for those seeking some engine bay style. We have seen slight power increases with intake hoses developed in the past, so we will be … Continue Reading ››