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Mishimoto Dyno Tests a 2016 ND Miata

Some exciting things are happening at Mishimoto. We have a brand new 2016 ND Miata in for Product Development and wanted to give you a quick look into what’s to come. One important part of any testing is to get a proper baseline. For this project, that meant hooking up the car to the dyno and seeing how much power it would make. Since this is a brand new car, and the first ND many of us had seen in person, we decided to capture the occasion on video and share it with the community. Here are some shots of … Continue Reading ››

2015 Subaru STI: Vehicle Evaluation and Mishimoto Product Test Fitting

As you may be aware, our team recently had a 2015 Launch Edition STI in our shop so we could evaluate the vehicle, determine which of our current products fit properly, and begin designing a few new additions that would be specific to the 2015 model. Check out the video below featuring our Subaru expert, Jason. He discusses the changes that have been made with the new model and what Mishimoto components we were able to fit onto the vehicle. http://youtu.be/EiDi4WqQ5p0 Additionally, check out the gallery of images below showing some of the test fitting we performed while the vehicle was in … Continue Reading ››

Mishimoto 2015 Subaru STI Product Testing, Part 1: Intake Dyno Testing

Interested in purchasing our 2015 STi intake system? Check out more details on our product page linked below!

Mishimoto Subaru STI Performance Air Intake

Many of you followed along as our team developed a variety of new products for the 2015 WRX. Recently, we were lucky enough to come into contact with a gracious 2015 STI Launch Edition owner who was willing to lend us his vehicle for a few days of product development, test fitting, and of course dyno testing. Check out a neat gallery of images featuring the vehicle and a video featuring dyno pulls with our prototype performance … Continue Reading ››