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2016 Camaro SS Video Review Series, Part 5: Transmission and Differential Cooling Systems

Check out the fifth segment of the Mishimoto 2016 Camaro SS video review series! In this video we provide an in-depth look at the factory-equipped transmission/differential cooling system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQXK3_lTgtU Our next video will include details about the front suspension of our SS. Thanks for watching! -John

2016 Camaro SS Video Review Series, Part 4: Radiator and Oil Cooling Systems

We're back with another in-depth look at our 2016 Camaro SS. This video covers the functionality and components included in the factory radiator system. In addition to the radiators, Jason also discusses the stock oil cooler setup and its unique features. Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emk-k_RTo4g Thanks for watching! -John

Stock System Review – Camaro SS Performance Intake, Part 1

This brand new Camaro has been quite the buzz in the world of muscle cars. If you haven’t viewed it already, we break down this new SS in great detail in our video review series on our engineering blog. You should check it out! 2016 Camaro SS Video Review Series On to the intake. We want to help free up some of that airflow, as these cars have been restrictive in the past. However, Chevy does have an interesting stock intake design for this 6th-generation Camaro. Let’s dive into it.

Stock System Overview

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2016 Camaro SS Video Review Series, Part 3: Handling

The second segment of our video review series is up! In this video, we take you on some local back roads to test out the impressive handling characteristics of the SS. This includes: -Overall Handling Impressions -Steering Feel -Tire Performance -Electronic Rev-Match Function -Highway Manners Check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGvR3gS78Q0 Our next video covers some of the neat interior features found on the SS! Thanks for watching! -John

Clean Valves for the SS. Camaro Catch Can Development, Part 3: Catch Can and Silicone Hose Details

Interested in picking up our Camaro SS catch can kit? Check out it at our online store!

Mishimoto 2016+ Camaro SS Catch Can

  Our Camaro catch can project continues! If you follow our development posts on the forums, please be sure to cast additional votes for our bracket design and silicone hose color. We are interested in obtaining as much feedback/opinion as possible so we can bring to market exactly the kit you want to see. So far, we’ve inspected the stock systems, selected a catch can location, and designed our initial bracket prototype. The final developmental phase includes constructing our direct-fit … Continue Reading ››