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Don’t Let Oil Temps Stop The Fiesta! Mishimoto Oil Cooler R&D, Part 1: Plans and Initial Fabrication

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Mishimoto Ford Fiesta ST Oil Cooler Kit

  We’ve been posting on the Fiesta ST forums for some time now, talking about our upcoming products (Fiesta ST aluminum radiator and Fiesta ST oil catch can system), reading through build threads, and requesting recommendations from … Continue Reading ››

Keep Your Intake Clean – Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 2: Bracket Fabrication

After removing both catch cans for data collection in our previous post, we discussed the idea of relocating the bracket that holds the PCV catch can to a different area in the engine bay. We mentioned earlier that we were toying with the idea because the current location of the Fiesta ST catch can raised some concerns. One of them … Continue Reading ››

Keep your intake clean – Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 1: Introduction and Fabrication

So far this Fiesta ST has had an interesting life with Mishimoto. The very same day that we drove it off the lot, it was rolled into our development facility and fitted for its first modification: a prototype baffled catch can kit. Why did we chose to begin with this? From our experience with other EcoBoost … Continue Reading ››

Pure VQ Sound! Mishimoto’s 350Z Performance Intake R&D, Part 1: Intro, Goals, And Initial Fabrication

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Mishimoto Nissan 350Z Performance Air Intake!

  The Nissan V6 is a familiar animal here at Mishimoto. We have designed various cooling components for this model, and several of our employees have owned or presently own a Nissan of this particular vintage. After covering the cooling … Continue Reading ››