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Defending the Titan- Coolant Filtration Kit R&D, Part 1: Prototype Testing

Personally, I am a huge Nissan fan, but I try not to be too biased when it comes to working on Nissan projects. I do, however, remember how excited I was when the new Titan development vehicle first rolled into our headquarters in all its glory. I found myself pricing options on the Internet and weighing my student loan debt with the prospect of a shiny new toy. So with a love like this, it makes sense to protect it. When developing products, we consider several factors. We evaluate possible improvements to the factory setup of a vehicle, to make more … Continue Reading ››

Refining a Titan- Intercooler Pipe Kit R&D, Part 2: Prototype Fabrication

In our last post, we ended with a rendering of the Nissan Titan XD intercooler pipes and the jig that we plan to use to fabricate them. Since then, we began fabricating our prototypes and testing fitment. Before we could begin welding our prototypes, we first had to fabricate our jig. With the help of the trusty waterjet, we sliced the pieces for the jig and began assembling them.
Titan XD Intercooler piping jig
Titan XD Intercooler piping jig
Titan XD Intercooler piping jigContinue Reading ››

XD Induction Hose R&D, Part 2: The Working Prototype

Some exciting developments are brewing in the world of induction hoses! We recently received into our R&D facility our first shipment of samples for the 2016+ Nissan Titan XD, and they are all looking great.
3D modeling Titan XD performance parts
3D modeling Titan XD performance parts
Our tube’s design is not overly complex, and it will be an awesome addition to the engine bay of this Cummins-powered Nissan. The design of the factory tube is interesting because of the type of bend it has. The orientation of the airbox opening does … Continue Reading ››

XD Induction Hose R&D, Part 1: Design Plans

We’re on a roll with new Titan XD project development! In addition to our plans for improving the factory intake, we have decided to implement an upgrade that is simple and awesome. What we’d like to do here is develop a silicone intake hose that will replace the factory intake tube. The factory intake tube is a well-designed piece, but it has room for improvement. For instance, we can increase the volume of air that flows through the tube, which will only benefit this 5.0L Cummins turbo diesel. The factory piece will be comparatively restrictive in … Continue Reading ››

Expanding the Titan’s Style – Expansion Tank R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

The Titan XD is one good lookin’ truck! So far, the Titan seems to be a perfect combination of function and form, that is, until we took a look at the expansion tank. The unsightly plastic tank is a blemish in the Titan’s otherwise beautiful Cummins equipped engine bay. In fact, there is a popular theory going around that Nissan’s designers ran out of awesome when they got to the expansion tank. At first glance the expansion tank resembles an upside-down gallon of milk, and we think it looks even more so after we removed it from the Titan’s engine bay. [caption … Continue Reading ››