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A Front-Mount for the 2015 STi, Part 4: Final Prototype Fitting

Putting together our final prototype was a bit easier for this project compared to other front-mount intercooler (FMIC) kits our team has developed. As mentioned in previous segments, we used the crash beam and intercooler from our 2015 WRX kit. Now we’ve worked up some functional prototype piping for a final test fit. First, let’s take a quick look at each … Continue Reading ››

A Front-Mount for the 2015 STI, Part 3: Hot-Side Intercooler Pipe Fabrication

With our cold-side piping complete, it was time to focus on the hot side. This portion of the piping system would require a bit more attention, mainly because we were unable to scavenge any existing pipes from our WRX/STI front-mount intercooler kits (as we did with the cold side). Let’s get to it!

Piping Fabrication

The hot-side piping will route from the … Continue Reading ››

A Front-Mount for the 2015 STI, Part 2: Cold-Side Intercooler Pipe Fabrication

Our first segment of this STI intercooler project involved the test fitting of our WRX crash beam and intercooler core. We were able to verify fitment of both pieces, which allowed our team to move on to piping fabrication. We are starting this kit with the cold-side pipe, which we’ve decided to place this on the passenger side of the … Continue Reading ››

2008+ Subaru WRX/STI Aluminum Coolant Overflow Tank R&D Update!

Interested in picking up our 2008-2014 WRX/STi overflow tank? Check out our discounted pre-sale linked below.

2008-2014 Subaru WRX aluminum overflow tank pre-sale!

We last left you with some details of our initial design and a hint of an upcoming pre-sale for this overflow tank. Unfortunately, since that initial test fit we hit a few snags in the design process. Our … Continue Reading ››

Dropping Intake Temps. 2015 STI FMIC R&D, Part 1: Core Fitment and Piping Plans

We’ve given the 2015 WRX quite a bit of love, mostly due to the introduction of the FA20DIT within the new chassis. Our team developed a ton of awesome components: a downpipe, an intake system, a couple different intercooler options, and various other neat parts. With our WRX projects mostly wrapped up, it’s time to turn our attention towards the … Continue Reading ››