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Stiffen Your ‘Stang! 2015 Mustang Strut Tower Brace R&D, Part 5: Final Testing Rig and Results

What a unique and exciting project this has been! We don’t want to simply develop neat products; we want to understand how and why they function. This is why our team has been working to develop test protocols for our S550 Mustang strut tower brace evaluations. This segment shows our final testing process and the very surprising results.

Final Testing Rig

After experimenting with a setup designed to record pressure, we noticed that measuring travel distance between the two strut towers would provide identical results if we used a much more adaptable testing device. Our team acquired a few linear-displacement gauges to modify … Continue Reading ››

Stiffen Your ‘Stang! 2015 Mustang Strut Tower Brace R&D, Part 4: Testing Rig Fabrication Continued

Last time we wrapped up our first attempt at creating an accurate gauge for measuring strut tower flex. Our initial tests showed some inconsistencies, which have been attributed to the method by which we mounted our gauge. These inconsistencies occurred most likely because of the difference in materials. Our strut bar is steel, whereas the gauge assembly is aluminum. Welding these materials together is not possible, so we used alternate methods. We need to eliminate any adverse variables for this test. Measurements of movement are small, so even a seemingly insignificant issue could cause skewed data. We decided to work up a … Continue Reading ››

Stiffen Your ‘Stang! 2015 Mustang Strut Tower Brace R and D, Part 3: Testing Rig Fabrication

It has been quite some time since our last update on this project, but for good reason. Our engineering team has immersed themselves into suspension research and determining the impact of stiffening on handling. Chassis bracing is a new market for our team, and we want to ensure we provide ideal solutions. In addition, we needed to develop a method for testing our components properly. Not much information is available about the effectiveness of strut bracing. Would bracing have an impact on handling or on chassis flex? Do only sloppy, old chassis benefit from bracing? The Mustang is a great first … Continue Reading ››

Stiffen Your ‘Stang! 2015 Mustang Strut Tower Brace R&D, Part 2: Initial Prototype Evaluation

Last time we covered the basic fabrication process needed to design our first mock-up prototype. This provided the basic dimensions of the brace so we could transplant our measurements into SolidWorks. After some computer modeling work, we were able to construct an initial prototype of both design ideas presented in our first segment.

Prototype 1

Mishimoto prototype 2015 Mustang parts
Mishimoto prototype 2015 Mustang parts
Our first prototype is a simple yet effective way to stiffen the front end of the S550. The material is thick wall steel, used for optimal rigidity. … Continue Reading ››

Stiffen Your ‘Stang! 2015 Mustang Strut Tower Brace R&D, Part 1: Initial Fabrication

Nothing beats taking a tight, responsive vehicle over some curvy roads on a beautiful fall day. The S550 is a nice chassis, track-applicable right out of the box, especially if “Performance Package” is on the build sheet. We’ve been pleased with our shop car, but we are always seeking improvements. We’ve completed our product development of cooling components and performance products, and now we are turning our attention to the suspension on this fantastic chassis. To further enhance the stiffness of the suspension and improve response, we decided that an appropriate front strut brace would be a wise addition.

Stock Bracing … Continue Reading ››