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The Heel-Toe Hero – Focus RS Pedal Spacer R&D

From its conception, the RS was designed to be an enthusiast’s dream. The car is beyond agile and begs to be driven within inches of its limits, and assuming its driver is alive and breathing, they are more than happy to oblige. If you have driven a Focus RS, you know that it is happiest heading into a corner, hunkered down, with the RPMs up. With the aggressive driving style that the RS demands, comes the dark art that is heel-toe. Only the best can tame the RS with properly executed downshifts, and in return it will reward you with … Continue Reading ››

Cool Operator – Oil Cooler R&D, Part 2: Prototype Testing

High oil temperatures can shut down a track day faster than you can scream your favorite four-letter word. Unfortunately, high oil temps are already sidelining RS owners at the track. Not to worry, Team Mishi is on it!  In our last post, we took a look at the stock cooler and our plans to create a larger one. Now it’s time to construct and test our prototype.
Prototype Focus RS oil cooler bracket
Prototype Focus RS oil cooler bracket
Prototype Focus RS oil cooler bracketContinue Reading ››

Mishimoto+Hoonigan: Together at Last – The Story of the World’s Greatest Oil Cap

Order your Hoonigan Oil Cap today! 

When two independent entities combine their shared strengths with their individual specialties to produce something new, the result is often a product that embodies greatness of a magnitude even grander than that of the parties whence it came – just ask my parents (kidding, Mom and Dad!). Joking aside, we call this effect synergy, and here are a few renowned examples:

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly
  • Snoop and Dr. Dre
  • Disney and Pixar
  • Jobs and Wozniak
  • LS Motors and any chassis ever

You get the idea. Anyway, … Continue Reading ››

One Rad GT – Radiator R&D, Part 2: Final Prototype

In our last post we took a look at our plans for the Mustang radiator and how we were designing it in Solidworks. Thanks to the speedy design, our first functional prototype is complete and ready for some test fitment! Straight out of the box, it is quite a hefty unit and should provide some much needed cooling for this GT. Check out some installed photos of our functional prototype.
Mustang radiator installed
Mustang radiator installed
Mustang radiator installed
Mustang radiator installed
[caption id="attachment_7147" … Continue Reading ››

One Rad GT – Radiator R&D, Part 1: Stock Evaluation

As many of you are aware, we have explored nearly every inch of our GT in a quest to bring you some seriously awesome Mustang parts. While catch cans and oil coolers are exciting, we have a hunch that the most anticipated product is the Mustang radiator. Aluminum radiators are the staple component among our various product lines, so we were excited to show you our progress on this project. The stock radiator is your run-of-the-mill OEM unit equipped with plastic end tanks. While there is nothing wrong with this setup for the average GT, we still see some room for … Continue Reading ››