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Universally Guarded – Universal High-Flow Diesel Catch Can R&D – Part 1 – The Plan

This Universal High-Flow Catch Can Kit is now available! Click here to check it out!
It’s no secret that the world relies on the diesel engine. From the mega-motors powering cargo ships across the ocean to the 4-cylinder TDIs, the turbodiesel has become synonymous with longevity and dependability. Even after hundreds of thousands of miles, the deep chugging and … Continue Reading ››

Treating the Titan- Exhaust R&D, Part 2: Exhaust Fabrication

We are back with a much needed update on the Titan XD exhaust. Since our last post covering the stock Titan XD exhaust, we’ve come up with a design of our own. The first step in bringing our prototype from design to reality was to create a jig to use for fabrication. We started by taking measurements from the Titan, then … Continue Reading ››

Mishimoto Welcomes the New Titan XD

Recently, quite a few exciting development vehicles have arrived at our headquarters, but none received quite the same welcome as our Titan XD.
Mishimoto's Nissan Titan XD
Mishimoto's Nissan Titan XD
Last Friday, we set out to our local Nissan dealership to pick up the newest member of the Mishimoto family, and … Continue Reading ››