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All orders are shipping as normal. Mishimoto warehouses are fully operational worldwide.


New orders over $100 (before any taxes are applied), shipping to the 48 contiguous states, qualify for the free shipping promotion.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. International orders are subject to additional shipping costs. Depending on location, taxes and duties may apply. 

What method of shipping do you use?

Mishimoto orders are shipped via the best available ground shipping option for your order. Carriers include UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Expedited shipping with UPS can be requested at checkout for an additional fee.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs will vary based on your location and shipping method. To best determine shipping costs, add the items into your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. You can check the shipping options and costs before finalizing your checkout.

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Can I return my item?

Yes, you can return your item up to 14 days after receiving it. All returns must be unopened and uninstalled.

How do I return my item?

First fill out the form on our contact us page with your order number to request a return authorization. Once you receive it, you will be asked to ship the item back to Mishimoto. Customers are responsible for return shipping.

Do you charge a restocking fee?

Yes, we charge a 12% restocking fee on all returned orders.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

Once we receive your return, we will refund you within five business days.

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What types of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Paypal

Is it safe to shop on this site?

Yes. is hosted on the Magento eCommerce platform. Magento is safe and secure. You can shop with confidence knowing that Magento and Mishimoto will never sell or use your information for any other purpose than to process your order.

Can I order by phone?

Absolutely. Call us toll-free at or email and a representative will be happy to help.

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Does Mishimoto offer a warranty on its products?

Mishimoto offers the Original Purchaser a Limited Lifetime Warranty from the date of purchase. This plan includes accident protection. We stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Can you make a one-off custom product for me?

We do not make one-off custom parts, but we do offer many universal products that can be sized for your application. If none of our universal products fit your needs, feel free to fill out our contact us form with a product request!

You don’t make something for my car! What gives?

We’re always expanding our product lines. Please fill out our contact us form with a product request, and we might just make it!

Why should I substitute my original radiator for a Mishimoto aluminum radiator?

The radiator that came with your car was built to meet the demands of the average driver, but you are not the average driver. Adding more horsepower means adding more heat into the radiator, which the stock radiator was not designed to handle. Mishimoto aluminum radiators provide an added level of cooling capacity that stock radiators simply cannot deliver. This maximizes your engine’s efficiency and keeps your engine cool in the hottest conditions.

Mishimoto radiators are also designed to be more durable than stock radiators. All our aluminum radiators are precision TIG-welded to stand up to the abuse of everyday driving, the trails, or the track. With our radiators, you’ll never have to worry about cracked plastic end tanks leaving you stranded.

And, don't forget about appearance! Mishimoto radiators have either a polished or natural aluminum finish with high-quality welds that enhance the appearance of your engine bay.

What type of finish is applied to Mishimoto radiators?

The end tanks on all Mishimoto radiators have either a polished or natural aluminum finish.

Will Mishimoto radiators fit my OEM vehicle application?

Yes. Mishimoto radiators are designed to be a direct fit. Customers with other after-market vehicle modifications may need to make adjustments to accommodate those modifications. Mishimoto does not warranty a product that has been modified to fit with non-OEM parts.

How many rows do Mishimoto cores have?

Mishimoto radiators vary from 1, 2, 3, and 4 rows, depending on the application.

Will Mishimoto radiators work with my automatic transmission?

Mishimoto radiators are designed for manual transmission or automatic transmission, and some are designed to fit both options. Check the product page for vehicle fitment. If you are unsure of your vehicle fitment you can always contact our CSR team for further assistance. If a product is only offered for manual transmission and you have an automatic car, you can purchase a universal Mishimoto Transmission Cooler Kit .

How do I know if a Mishimoto radiator is cooling my vehicle properly?

Before installing your Mishimoto radiator you will need to know your vehicle’s current engine operating temperature while idle and at highway speed. This will give you a baseline to compare operating temperatures to after installing your Mishimoto radiator. While most customers report a significant reduction in operating temperature from their baseline readings, it is important to note that engine operating temperature is determined by many factors, including, but not limited to: engine thermostat operating range, cooling fan operating range, other after-market modifications, road grade, driving style, and ambient temperatures.

What makes Mishimoto radiators perform better than the OEM cooling system?

How a radiator performs is determined primarily by its core. Mishimoto uses the latest technology to design the best performing core for each application. The tubes and fins of our cores are specific to the vehicle they are designed for, allowing us to optimize performance and outperform the factory unit.

Why does Mishimoto recommend electric cooling fans?

Electric fans are typically more compact than mechanical fans and allow extra clearance in the engine bay. Additionally, vehicles converting to electric fans from clutch or mechanical fans may see additional horsepower freed up by the reduction of drag on the engine. When selecting a fan, be sure to check CFM ratings and either match or exceed the ratings of your stock fans. If you are unsure what fans to choose, it’s always best to go with the largest fan, or combination of fans, that will fit on the application. Or, feel free to contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.

How do you properly mount an electric fan?

Mishimoto offers direct-fit fan shrouds for many vehicles, as well as universal fan mounting kits with online installation guides for your reference. Please see the individual product page for direct-fit installation instructions.

Mishimoto also offers an adjustable fan controller with your choice of screw-in NPT or probe-style sensor. This controller allows you to customize the activation temperature of your electric fans within a range from 150°F to 240°F.

Should I mount my electric fan in front of or behind the radiator?

While a pusher configuration will work for many applications, if space permits, it is typically better to have your fan operate as a ‘puller’. A puller electric fan is approximately 15% more efficient than the same fan operated as a pusher.

Are Mishimoto radiators epoxy-free?

Yes. Mishimoto radiator cores are made with controlled atmosphere brazing and are leak-tested twice to guarantee an excellent tube-to-header bond. This eliminates the need for any epoxy.

What grade of aluminum is used in Mishimoto radiators?

Every Mishimoto radiator is constructed of carefully processed aircraft-quality aluminum. Cores and end tanks of Mishimoto performance radiators use 3000-series aluminum. CNC-machined components utilize aircraft-quality, billet, 6061 aluminum.

How thick are the coolant tank walls on Mishimoto radiators?

The coolant tank wall material varies from 2-3mm thick depending on the application. Typically, car radiators are designed with 2-2.5mm thickness and truck radiators are designed with 2.5-3mm thickness.

How thick are Mishimoto radiator cores?

The core size for each Mishimoto radiator varies by vehicle application. Depending on the application, cores range from 22mm to 70mm. Product details are available online.

Do Mishimoto radiators come with caps?

All Mishimoto performance aluminum radiators come with a Mishimoto radiator cap, unless the radiator does not use a radiator cap. Some, but not all OEM replacements, include a cap.

Does Mishimoto use billet filler necks?

Yes. CNC precision-machined billet filler necks are installed on the radiators to better seal and improve the look over cast or stamped filler necks. Tolerances are held closer and fabrication is improved. This virtually eliminates any neck-to-tank leaks.

How many fins per inch are used in Mishimoto radiators?

Core characteristics, including fin pitch (fins per inch), vary by application and are selected to provide the best performance for that application. In general, our radiators utilize a fin pitch ranging from 14-22 fins per inch. To find the fin pitch of a specific radiator, please see the product page or contact our Customer Service Team.

What size are the coolant tubes used in Mishimoto radiators?

Depending on the application, the individual cooling tubes may range from 14.5mm to 32mm in width. The overall core may use up to 4 rows of tubes. Tube heights vary from 1.5-2mm and have varying wall thickness from 0.28-0.5mm.


To protect the quality of the color and finish of your new intercooler or oil cooler, we recommend gentle cleaning with acid-free, non-abrasive soaps and thoroughly rinsing with water.

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