Team AMR Takes 1st Place at Round 3 DMCC West!

Last time we spoke with our boys on Team AMR, they had just competed in round 2 of DMCC West. After a few weeks of rest and relaxation (coupled with a photo shoot for charity), they and the RX-7's were geared up to take down round 3 in Calgary, Alberta.

Andrew Moschuk and Conroy Gansen were prepared to make up for lost points and take home the win! Moschuk landed the 12th spot for qualifying, and Gansen, for the third time this season, took home the NOS Energy Fastest Entry Award and 2nd place. RX-7 speed is gnarly - you just can't touch it!

Round 3 was one of payback. Moschuk went up against Louren Sansegret in the Top 16, only to be ousted after both a reset and One More Time. Gansen ran strong through the competition, straight to the Final Battle, and who does he go up against? None other than Sansegret. It was time for revenge. After a One More Time, Gansen's RX-7 was just too furiously fast for Sansegret's 240sx, and Gansen took home the win for Team AMR/Yokohama! Great job, boys! Mishimoto is proud of you!

The team is headed next to Penticton, British Columbia, for the final round of the DMCC pro series on September 4th and 5th. See you there!