Protect Your 2017+ Civic Type R Hatchback

The New 2017+ Honda Civic Type R is making buzz, however, performance like this comes at a cost. The complexity of combining a direct-injected fuel delivery system with high-compression and turbocharged power leaves the top-end components susceptible to the symptoms of blow-by, like clogged intake valves and intercooler internals coated with oil. The result is unwarranted temperature reduction of this year’s scolding hot hatch. Mishimoto has you covered with our new Baffled Oil Catch Can. We include hoses designed specifically for the K20C1’s PCV system in this kit that simplify the installation process. For added protection, a one-way check valve has been incorporated into the lines to ensure that the crankcase gasses are always flowing in the right direction. We also designed our mounting bracket to hold our 2oz. catch can steady and add some style with a Rallye Red color option. As with all Mishimoto products, this catch can is covered by the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.