Mishimoto Sponsors DRIFTSTREAM 2010

Mishimoto has partnered with YoParts.com to sponsor the new DRIFTSTREAM 2010 live stream feature. DRIFTSTREAM 2010 will be live streaming all of the on-track activities for Formula DRIFT Round 1: Streets of Longbeach, starting Friday, April 9th, until the final match-up on Saturday, April 10th. The live stream will be available on the Formula DRIFT home page and through several different outlets, such as applications for Facebook, iPhones and Android phones.

Each live stream throughout the Formula DRIFT season will include 2 interviews with Mishimoto sponsored drivers and teams. The interview footage will also be available "on demand" after events. The live stream feature also includes interactive viewer polls on the Formula DRIFT channel. The stream goes live on Friday, April 9th, at 2:30 PM PST.

You can view the live stream and find the application codes at DRIFTSTREAM 2010.