Mishimoto Sponsored Driver Matt Waldin Wins Second at DMCC

The 2010 season of DMCC East kicked off at Autodrome St. Eustache in Montreal over Memorial Day weekend. Mishimoto sponsored driver Matt Waldin secured a fourth place spot during the qualifying round at Round 1: Burning Home and ended the event with a trip to the podium with an overall second place finish.

The next event in the season will be taking place at Auodrome Montmagny in Montmagny on June 19th-June 20th.

DMCC East 2010 Schedule
Round 1: Autodrome St. Eustache, Montreal (May 29th-May 30th)
Round 2: Auodrome Montmagny, Montmagny (June 19th-June 20th)
Round 3: Toronto (TBA)
Round 4: Circuit Icar, Mirabel (July 17th-18th)
Round 5: Autodrome Montmagny, Montmangy (August 14th-15th)
Round 6: Autodrome St.-Eustache, Montreal (September 5th-6th)