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SEMA 2011 - 2004 Subaru WRX


Driver bio

Name: : Mike Mcguinness

Location: : Las Vegas, Nevada


Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Radiator for Subaru WRX and STI
Mishimoto Silicone Radiator Hose Kit for Subaru WRX and STI
Engine Displacement: 2.0L EJ20
Model / Year: 2004 WRX
Engine Code: EJ20
Block composition: Aluminum
Head Type: DOHC
Ported / Polished: Intake manifold
Valvetrain: OEM SUBARU
Who performed the engine mods: Uehara Motowerks and MIKESGARAGE
Turbo or Supercharger make / model: Synergy 20G
Nitrous System make / model: Ny-Trex exclusive Triple-Threat™ system
Wet or Dry Kit: WET
Air Filter make / model: UNI FILTER
Air Intake make / model: Custom Pipe
Throttle Body make / model: 70mm Godspeed Project
Manifold make / model: Godspeed Project
Fuel Rail make / model:PERRIN
Fuel Press Reg: OEM
Fuel Pump make/model Walbaro 255L Cams make / model: OEM Subaru
Cam Gears make / model: OEM Subaru
Intercooler make / model: Custom
Variable Timing: OEM Subaru
Blow-Off Valve make / model: GREDDY TypeS
Wastegate make / model: N/A
Injectors make / model: Modified STI Pinks
Timing Control: OEM Subaru
Spark Plugs make /model: NGK BKR7EIX
Coil make /model: OEM Subaru
Grounding System make / model: Hyper Voltage System HR
Crank make / model: OEM Subaru
Connecting Rods make / model: OEM Subaru
Pistons make / model: OEM Subaru
Piston Rings: OEM Subaru
Head Gasket: OEM Subaru
Other Gaskets: OEM Subaru and GRIMMSPEED
Hardware (Bolts): OEM Subaru
Clutch Exedy Stage I Clutch Kit - 15-802
Flywheel: ACT StreetLight
Transmission & mods WRX 5Speed Case with Legacy Gears and upgraded Synchros
Axles: OEM Subaru
Driveshaft: OEM Subaru
LSD: OEM Subaru
Electronics: OEM Subaru

Suspension, & Brakes

Slotted or Drilled: Slotted
Front Brake Calipers Make / Model: 2PISTON CALIPER
Number of Pistons: 2 Pistons
Rear Rotor Size: 266x10mm (10.5" x 0.4")
One or Two Piece: One
Slotted or Drilled: Slotted
Rear Brake Calipers Make / Model: OEM Subaru
Number of Pistons: 1
Braided Lines: RACING BRAKE
Other Parts (fluid, cylinder, pads) MOTUL RBF600 , RACING BRAKE pads
Front Suspension struts or shocks make / model:ENDURATECH COILOVERS ETC-SRXGDBJ
Front Springs make / model: 7kg (392 lbs./in)
Rear Suspension struts or shocks make / model: ENDURATECH COILOVERS ETC-SRXGDBJ
Rear Springs make / model: 5kg (280 lbs./in)
Sway Bars make / model: EPIC SUSPENSION EE-B-WGD-001 Urethane Bushings: EPIC SUSPENSION
Front Strut Bar: GTSPEC
Rear Strut Bar: GTSPEC
ZEROSPORTS Tie Rods, Ball Joints
JIC trailing arm
GodSPEED 6 point roll cage


Prosport Gauges
H.O.A Imports
Team Dynamics
HD wheels Inc.
Uehara Motowerks
Pacific Custom Paint
Custom Upholstery
CSF Radiators
Synergy Turbos
WhiteLine suspension
Tomioka Racing


Black Leatherette and Carbon patterned Leatherette, Black Suede
Name of upholstery shop: CUSTOM UPHOLSTRY
Shift Knob: STI
Steering Wheel: MOMO MOD8
Seats make / model: F1SPEC TYPE 4 SEAT F1-T4-RD-FRP
Harnesses: Bealtnick
Rear seats deleted, new black carpet and suede headliner with green accent stitching throughout the car, custom center console, custom nitrous bottle holder, modified roll cage with harness bar


Wheels make / model: MIRO SP1 and TEAM DYNAMICS PRO RACE
Front Wheel Size (i.e. 15 x 6-inch): 18X10"
Rear Wheel Size (i.e. 15 x 6-inch): 18X10"
Tires make / model: dunlop direzza DZ101
Front Tire Size (i.e. 195/65R15 Z-speed) 275/35/18
Rear Tire Size (i.e. 195/65R15 Z-speed) 275/35/18
Front Rotor Size: 294x24mm (11.6" x 0.9") One or Two Piece: Two Piece


Exhaust make / model: HKS Hi-Power with the stock flanges replaced with V-bands Header make / model: GT Spec tubular manifold Up-pipe make / model: Custom up-pipe