Chris Rado

Name: WORLD Racing
Team Principle: Cousin Rob Cardona
Driver: Chris “Capt’n Chaos” Rado
Tuner: James “That Gangster” Lin
Crew Chief: Ron Mathis
Chief Mechanic & Engine Builder: Gary “Tic-Tic” Kubo
Chief Fabricator: Scott Stanwood
Technical Director: Eric “El Cobra” Plebani
Marketing & Strategic Partnerships: Mike “Pee-Wee” Alejos
Producer: Adam Rehmeier
Photographers: Larry Chen, Chris Harrington

Car Name: Team Need for Speed FWD Scion tC
Nickname: Fwing 2.0
Year: 2011
Make: Scion
Model: tC
Weight: 2,370
Chassis Code: AGT20
Engine: Scion 2AR-FE
High Boost Pressure: 60+lbs
Fuel: Methanol (M-1)
Power Output: 1200whp

Mishimoto Race Ready Radiator
Mishimoto Scion tC Performance Aluminum Radiator
Mishimoto Scion tC Racing Thermostat
Block: O.E.M 2AR-FE
Crankshaft: O.E.M Scion
Connecting Rods: Brian Crower (BC)
Main Studs: Descendant-Racing
Camshafts: Brian Crower (BC)
Cam Gears: N/A
Valves / Valvesprings / Spring Retainers: Brian Crower (BC) oversized valves, dual valve springs, and titanium retainers
Head Gasket: O.E.M Toyota
Head Studs: Descendant Racing
Intake Manifold: Descendant Racing
Throttle Body: OEM
Turbocharger: Turbonetics 76mm w/Billet Compressor Wheel
Turbo Manifold: Descendant Racing
Wastegate: HKS
Blow-Off Valve: Pro-Charger x2
Exhaust: Descendant Racing
Fuel Pressure Regulator: Aeromotive
Fuel Delivery: Watermann Mechanical
Fuel Injectors: Deatschwerks 2200cc x8
Fuel Cell: A.T.I
Spark Plugs: NGK Racing
Engine Control Unit: Motec M880
Intercooler: Spearco Intercoolers 1500WHP Core
Tube Connection: Adel Wiggins Clamps
Oil System: Descendant Racing custom dry sump
Oil Cooler: Setrab core x3
Additional Work: N.A.
Wiring Harness: James Lin Motorsports
Engine Management: Motec M880

Springs: H&R Springs
Shocks: Penske Racing Shocks (Front & Rear)
Sway Bars: WORLD Racing custom fab driver-controlled by Genesis Technologies
Brakes: Brembo Monoblock
Pads: Hawk Performance Brake Pads
Brake Lines: Goodridge brake lines
Master Cylinder and Pedal Assembly: Tilton 900 Series Brake/Clutch Assembly with Dual Master Cylinders, Balance Bar, and Hydraulic Proportioning Valve

Transmission: Xtrac Sequential w/ Custom Pneumatic Shifter
Transmission Gearing: 6 speed touring car
Clutch / Flywheel: Tilton 7.5-in Triple Plate Amorphous Carbon Carbon / Tilton Chromoly
Front Differential: Xtrac
Axles: Mark Williams

Front Bumper: Custom Seibon modified by Auto Explosion
Hood: Seibon
Fenders: Custom Seibon modified by Auto Explosion
Side Skirts: Custom Seibon modified by Auto Explosion
Quarter Panels: Custom Seibon modified by Auto Explosion
Rear Bumper: Custom Seibon modified by Auto Explosion
Rear Diffuser: N/A
Trunk Lid: Custom Seibon modified by Auto Explosion
Spoiler/Wing: Kognition
Doors: Tru Karbon
Mirrors: O.E.M Scion tC
Livery: WORLD Racing by Mike Alejos
Paint: Auto Explosion – Gardena, Ca
Wheels: HRE Wheels Comp 95 18x12
(Slick) Front & Rear: Continental Tires 305/645R18 R80 compound
(DOT) Front & Rear: Continental Tire 315645R18 A6 compound

Cage: WORLD Racing
Seat: Recaro Carbon Kevlar SPA Hans
Harness: Crow
Steering Wheel: STACK ST-8600
Dash Display: STACK ST-8100
Gauges: STACK 52mm Pro-Control

WORLD Electronics
Descendant Racing
Scion North America
ISHA Foundation
EA Games and Team Need for Speed
Continental Tire
Lincoln Technical Institute
Mishimoto Radiators
JE Pistons
Golden Eagle
HRE Wheels
Penske Racing Shocks

4/21-4/22 - Round 1 GTA @ Buttonwillow Raceway Park - Buttonwillow, CA
5/11-5/12 - Round 2 GTA @ Road Atlanta with Formula Drift - Braselton, GA
6/1-6/2 - Round 3 GTA @ Palm Beach INTL. Raceway with Formula Drift - Jupiter, FL
8/11-8/12 - Round 4 GTA @ New Jersey Motorsports Park - Millville, NJ
9/21-9/22 - Round 5 GTA @ Texas Motor Speedway - Fort Worth, TX
11/7 - Round 6 GTA @ Buttonwillow Raceway Park with SLB - Buttonwillow, CA


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