Take in the World – Intake R&D Part 1: Stock Review

From the crisp, cool air atop Pikes Peak to the smell of freshly cut grass at Fenway Park. From the hard asphalt streets of New York City to the soft sand of the Mojave. No matter where you are or where you’re going, the 2019+ Ford Ranger was built to take in the world.

While we take in the world with our sense of touch, sight, taste, and smell, your 2019+ Ranger takes in the world through its air intake. Air flows into the intake, gets compressed by the turbocharger, and is then forced into the … Continue Reading ››

Speed Evolved – Performance Intake R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review

As the legendary namesakes in the automotive world live on, they are forced to evolve with the industry. That old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t exactly sit well with the Toyota and BMW tag team, especially when it came to the Supra’s resurrection. Yes, there is no arguing that the 2JZ-GTE was (and still is) a powerhouse of an engine, but the B58 more than fills the shoes left vacant for the last 18 years. While the car evolves, the formula stays the same. Strong, punchy turbo, straight-six in the front sending all the … Continue Reading ››

Powering Perfection – Performance Air-to-Water Intercooler R&D – Concept, Design, and Production Sample

The future is all about downsizing technology. We’ve all heard the familiar anecdote that our smartphones have more processing power than the computers that aided the Apollo missions. From computers and cameras all the way to something like cars, smaller has been the way. Why not downsize the intercoolers too, right? That was BMW’s plan by incorporating an air-to-water intercooler on the S55-powered M3 and M4. In a world of monstrous fin surface areas, BMW is focused on condensing. Let’s see just how they were able to pack all that cooling power into such a small core. … Continue Reading ››

Powering Perfection – Charge Pipe Kit Concept, design, and Production Sample

It’s no secret that the engineers at BMW strive to make each level of their M lineup the top tier in each segment. When it comes to the F80 and F82, the twin-turbocharged and liquid-intercooled grunt of the S55 coupled with the agility of the 3-series chassis is a killer combination that rockets these Bimmers to the top of the class. While the duo works on paper, in everyday use there is one aspect that does, quite literally, crack under the pressure—the charge pipes.

When it comes to the advancement of intercooling technologies, not … Continue Reading ››

Powering Perfection – Performance Heat Exchanger R&D – Concept, Design, and Production Sample

One of the main reasons the M3 is on another level is the S55’s ability to keep its cool, especially when it comes to the intercooling system. BMW equipped the F8X generation of the M3 and M4 with a state-of-the-art air-to-water intercooling system for a more efficient means of keeping the charged air cool, but before we dive into our plans for besting the F80’s heat exchanger, let’s take a look at what an air-to-water system even is.

The Cool Factor

An inside look at the engineering of Mishimoto products.