Going the Distance – Aluminum Degas Tank, Part 3: Prototype

One of the hardest aspects of design is often knowing when to stop and take a step back. Failure is never fun, but we’ve learned that failure is just the beginning of a better design. Nothing is a complete failure, it’s just another step forward. When we last saw our 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke aluminum degas tank, it had become … Continue Reading ››

Intercooler Sandwich – Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 6 – Production Sample

We last left you off with the scaffold and tales of what our new intercooler design would be. Now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is since the production sample of our new MK7 intercooler has arrived here at Mishimoto. This arrival gives us the tangible fruits of our prototyping labors. MMINT-MK7-15_3Continue Reading ››

Feel Good Drag – A Day at the Drag Strip with Turn 14

So many companies out there have some sort of initiative to keep their employees beaming and happy. They naturally want to boost morale and build community. Things like bonus programs, free snacks and coffee, and periodic company-wide outings are part of what helps people fuel up each day and arrive charged, ready to floor it. When a particular company happens … Continue Reading ››

Old Dog, New Tricks – Intercooler R&D, Part 5: Dyno

Power feels different for everybody. For some, it’s the feel of freshly printed money. For others, power feels like the blinding camera flashes of paparazzi. But for many automotive enthusiasts, true power is the shove you feel in your back as you push your right foot to the floor. The enthusiast’s quest for power can be never ending (just ask the … Continue Reading ››

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