Gourmet Muscle – Oil Cooler R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review and Design Plans

The muscle car is a simple recipe written by Detroit in the 1960s. Start with one heaping cup of fire-breathing power plant. Add two rear wheels slinging the power to the road and a manual transmission to taste, then garnish with a sleek, sexy shell. Simple, yet effective. Like any simple recipe, though, someone always comes along with the artisan take. The result is essentially the same, but with a waft of complexity and pretension, much like the E6X M5 and M6. 

BMW isn't … Continue Reading ››

Airflow for the Masses – Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 4 – Testing Results

One of the leading reasons for buying a mega-mass-produced product is reliability. Your Honda Accord already bears that trait thanks to Honda’s decades of tried-and-true testing. Functionality and reliability are features that we also aim to make synonymous with our 2018+ 1.5L Accord intake kit, but that only comes with the same level of rigorous R&D. So, we put our intake to the test.

The first leg of the testing journey takes place on our flow bench, which you might remember from the prototyping post. During the design phase, we used … Continue Reading ››

One Size Fits Most – Performance Aluminum Radiator R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review and Design Plans

There’s a Civic out there for everyone. Through its 11 generations, the Civic has been a staple of basic practical transportation and unassuming speed demons. The 10th generation Civic was no exception. With the addition of the L15B7 turbocharged option, featuring more potential power while only sipping fuel, Honda’s compact option became that much more enticing. A win-win whether you’re building a Type-R clone or one of those crazy folks that just want practical transportation. No matter what type of Civic owner you are, though, all of the 1.5T’s share the same common side-effect – extreme heat. 

Controlled Breathing – Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 4 – Production Sample and Testing Results

It’s been months of training for our athlete of an F-150. Our regimen for our Raptor’s proverbial controlled breathing exercises has come to fruition. Now, though, it’s race day, and It’s time to see if our deep dive into the V6 Ecoboost respiratory system and subsequent renovations paid off.

First, let’s check out the new intake design in its final form. As promised in our last post our intake kit is fully rotomolded. We kept the material consistent for a … Continue Reading ››

Cozy Turbo – Direct Fit Truck Turbo Blankets

In the world of high-power trucks, turbochargers are a godsend. No matter whether you’re piloting a twin-turbo F-150 or a Cummins-powered heavy-duty Ram, the turbo is what gives your truck the extra kick it needs to get the job done. While vital to generating power, the exhaust circulating through the turbo can also generate the internal combustion engine’s arch-nemesis – heat. But don’t worry, we here at Mishimoto have you covered, literally. 

For those who don’t know or need a refresher, exhaust heat is the primary fuel source for a turbocharger. The turbocharger uses hot … Continue Reading ››

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