“The Mishimoto cooling setup worked great. We had some show rides [at] the Essen Motor Show in Germany. It was inside the fair so the air temperature was really high, but the Mishimoto radiator and oil cooler have done a great job.” – Marcel Uhlig
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"I wanted to thank you and Mishimoto for the support in 2012. You have been the best sponsor I have had since I began racing. The communication that you guys provide and the level of marketing you did for me is unparalleled. I would like to continue the relationship that we have for the 2013 season and beyond. Thank you again for all the support, and I look forward to ending the 2012 season on a great note and starting 2013 on an even better one." - Joe DiApice (“EvoJoe”)
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"Mishimoto will eliminate any fears I had of overheating my new custom built Honda Motor and help my car remain 100% reliable no matter what the competition throws at it" - Eric O’Sullivan
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"We use Mishimoto radiators, hoses, and intercoolers at ACP Rally at the X Games and in the Rally America series. There is no motorsport that beats up equipment worse than professional rally, and even after landing the car on its nose at the Home Depot Center and bending the radiator, it stayed intact and held pressure. I have full faith in Mishimoto products and can recommend them to anyone." - Andrew Comrie-Picard (Team ACP)
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"Our Goal with the Mishimoto RSX this year was to get faster and on the podium. With support from Mishimoto and by using their full line of cooling products we succeeded with our goals and performed at the highest level" - RJ DE VERA

"We tested at Pikes Peak last weekend and the car ran fantastic! I saw a drop in IAT's of 40 degrees from the last time we ran the car in New Jersey. Needless to say I am very happy with the product." - Rhys Millen
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"The Mishimoto Products are amazing! Mishimoto radiator, fans, temp gauge radiator cap, silicone hoses, oil cooler, and intercooler has been installed onto the S13.5 that will be competing for the full 2009 Formula Drift Season. The temperature was consistent and our overheating issue has been resolved! I definitely recommend Mishimoto Products to have your vehicle running cool while driving hard!" - Joon Maeng
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"I just wanted to thank everyone at Mishimoto for standing behind your already awesome products, and know that just by taking care of what looks like "just another customer", you have a customer for life. I drive my car to work 54 miles a day, 5 days a week, and I know that my car will not overheat with your products. If Mishimoto offers a part for my car, I will ALWAYS buy your product first before even considering another brand." - David Do (Houston, TX)

"We needed to keep the black ops 350z cool with it's forced inducted stroked 4.2 liter, the choice was easy... Mishimoto." - Nicholas Ashby
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"The gains were noticeable in both torque and engine temps when I installed the Mishimoto performance radiator for my 06 STI. Then, after installing the racing thermostat my temps were cut nearly in half, keeping the car at the perfect performance operating temp!" - Bill Vitale
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"I just wanted to update you and let you know we have installed the products on the 350z and GS300! They look great...We debuted the products at Formula Drift in Seattle, and a few other local shows, and have received nothing but positive feedback!" - John Morimoto (Team Menace)
Check out the Team Menace 350Z and GS300!

"All I have to say is Mishimoto products Rule!!! Everything is holding strong and I have no doubts in your product" - Derek Ellis-Toddington

"Thanks to Mishimoto radiators...my overheating problems from last event were non-existent at this event! I told everyone about how great your radiator was working!" - Derrick Carpenter
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"Installed the new radiator this weekend. Thank you, I love it." - David Ernst

"I’ve been building my car (1998 Honda Civic EX) up for quite some time now. I have been running one of your radiators in it ever since I swapped in my GSR. I am really impressed by the build quality of the product as well as how cool it keeps the overall temperature of my engine." - Joshua Harshman
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"Thanks to Mishimoto I now have a solution to those creeping water temps. The radiator, hoses, and thermostat look great and will perform even better!" - Ryan Upham
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"I just got back from my first drive in my SC300 after installing my new Mishimoto radiator, Mishimoto thermostat, and flex-a-lite fans. Wow, just wow. I have stunned [sic] by the difference in cooling, the stock temp gauge barely registers any heat at all and the electric fans don't need to kick in unless I'm sitting for awhile. You guys make outstanding parts that will give me a ton more confidence come race day. You can bet you have a customer for life and that anyone I know will here [sic] about how good your parts are. Now I think I'm gonna go for another drive, thanks again. (:" - Matt Landes

"Motor racing in Australia, specifically motocross is raced in a diverse range of conditions. The extremities place a lot of pressure on the team and we cannot allow any overheating issues. The reason we choose to use Mishimoto X Braced Radiators was because of its world renowned reputation and our own preseason testing. We never use non-genuine products without testing them ourselves. These past 2 years we have raced in the heat and the mud and we haven't had any reliability problems. During testing we put our engines through their paces and we had no temperature issues. At Carlton Dry Honda we only choose to use what works and with the data we have collected during testing and racing this season we can confidently say Mishimoto X Braced Radiators work." - Yarrive Konsky, Carlton Dry Honda Thor Racing (team owner)

"I think the Mishimoto product, especially the radiator, is substantially better than the factory radiator. I live in Arizona and it does get pretty hot, and cooling is a definite factor for the vehicle. The Mishimoto radiator is far superior to the stock." - James Gill
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"We are running quite a few Mishimoto products [that we are proud to run]. We have [two universal oil coolers], the [air diversion plate], hose kit, and the radiator and fan shroud. These products are amazing; they keep all our coolant temperatures way low and let the vehicle perform excellent on the track." - Ed Stikeleather
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"Thank you guys for all your support and love; I really appreciate it. I’m looking forward to next year’s build!" - Ching Ching
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"I’ve been working in the car industry for a couple years now, [I used to work for an audio company] and one of Mishimoto’s project builds was a collaboration project where I helped get them some audio product, and it’s been a great relationship ever since. I’ve never met a company and group of people that are so easy to work with and timely. It’s been an amazing partnership." - Mike Ma
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"I heard about Mishimoto from Chris Rado and his WORLD Racing Scion Time Attack team. After talking to him and his praise of your products, I said to myself that if it’s good enough for a 1200hp Scion, it’s good enough for my old 370Z." - Mike Bonanni
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"I’ve been really happy with [Mishimoto]. I’ve been checking it out for a while, and the value and what they offer is just excellent. It’s really a good product." - Patrick Widner
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"Mishimoto has helped me out with a radiator that I really love and it’s very nice! Its cooling is very efficient." - Patrick Esudillo
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“I purchased a Mishimoto Radiator recently and right from the box I was impressed by the build quality. Putting the radiator in the car was very easy all the stock fans and mounting tabs line up flawlessly. The Mishimoto radiator is far superior to the stock, you can tell there was a lot of time spent in the welding and design of it. As for the performance of the radiator, the car runs cooler even with the past week being above 93 degrees my WRX doesn’t get hot and its response time is awesome. I would recommend this radiator to anyone looking to run more boost or even anyone just looking for a performance radiator. Mishimoto has always made great products and the more of them I buy I'm always impressed by the craftsmanship and how well they package there goods so they don't get damaged in transit. I have no doubts in my Mishimoto products whether I'm on the track running them in my track car or cruising in my daily WRX to work. I love the fact that your product comes with a lifetime warranty that's a relief for me to know I'll never be without my car if something breaks, keep up the awesome work Mishimoto!!” - Samantha and Ray Ackerman