1. Mishimoto Performance Air Intake for the 2023+ Nissan Z

    Dual Drive – Performance Intake for the 2023+ Nissan Z

    When Nissan planted the powerful VR30DDTT 3L V6 engine with twin turbochargers in the Nissan Z, there wasn’t much room left in the engine bay. The cramped area didn’t allow enough space to accommodate the traditional top-and-bottom-split airbox design, so they created a unique single-piece airbox with vertically inserted panel filters that maximized flow while minimizing size.

    As enthusiasts and engineers, we tipped our hats to appreciate the work Nissan did with this design. But we couldn’t help but ask ourselves—how can we make it even better?

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  2. Armor Up – Engine Skid Plate for the 2023+ Nissan Z

    Armor Up – Engine Skid Plate for the 2023+ Nissan Z

    When it hit the market in late 2022, the new Nissan Z turned heads. Released as a replacement for the Nissan 370Z, the 2023 Z featured a fresh, sleek new design with a 400 horsepower engine that could do 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds. The only problem? Due to international chip shortages and production bottlenecks, they were almost impossible to find.

    Buyers who got their hands on a new Nissan Z count themselves among a lucky few. While the Z is a vehicle meant to be driven fast and hard, it’s understandable that owners might be hesitant to risk damaging a car that they worked so hard to get—especially since the new Nissan Z comes with a plastic oil pan.

    To lessen these concerns, we set out to develop a layer of protection that would give Z owners the confidence to drive aggressively. The result of these efforts is the new direct-fit Engine Skid Plate for the 2023+

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  3. Road Test Results – Baffled Oil Catch Can for 2024+ Mustang V8

    Road Test Results – Baffled Oil Catch Can for 2024+ Mustang V8

    We’re entering the fourteenth year of production for Ford’s 5.0L Coyote V8 engine, and in that time the Coyote has made a name for itself. It’s a powerful, throaty engine that’s been in the Mustang GT since the 2011 model year. Since its inception, the folks at Ford have managed to squeeze an extra 68 horsepower out of the Coyote with the new 2024 Mustang GT boasting 480 horsepower. Despite these gains, one issue the Coyote has had for years still persists—excessive blow-by.

    What is Blow-by?

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  4. Stay Frosty – Performance Front-Mount Intercooler Kit for the 2022+ Subaru WRX

    Stay Frosty – Performance Front-Mount Intercooler Kit for the 2022+ Subaru WRX

    One of the most common modifications for WRX owners, particularly those who plan to tune for performance, is upgrading to a performance intercooler. Here at Mishimoto, we’ve been making performance intercoolers for the WRX for quite a while. Since we’ve covered the last few generations and already made a top-mount intercooler for the current fifth generation, we figured the next logical step was to produce a front-mounted version for the 2022+ WRX.


    Let’s take a look at what our engineers had in mind when they got to the drawing board.


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  5. Performance Radiator for the 2023+ Nissan Z

    Performance Radiator for the 2023+ Nissan Z

    We’ve been hard at work to develop our line of products for the Nissan Z, and we’re proud to release our latest addition to the line-up—the Mishimoto Performance Radiator for the 2023+ Nissan Z.

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  6. Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank for the 2023+ Toyota GR Corolla

    Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank for the 2023+ Toyota GR Corolla

    Elevate the performance and aesthetics of your 2023+ Toyota GR Corolla with the new Aluminum Mishimoto Coolant Expansion Tank. Our direct-fit tank is designed to be a significant improvement over the stock system, boasting a 40% fill line capacity increase and a 50% overall tank coolant capacity increase. The robust aluminum construction won’t yellow, crack, or leak with repeated heat cycles like the stock plastic tank will, and the micro-wrinkle red or black power-coated finish offers a sleek and stylish look for the engine bay of your GR Corolla.

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  7. Blue Ford pickup truck with lift kit and off-road tires.

    Leveling Kit vs. Lift Kit – What’s the Difference?

    When it comes to modifying trucks, one of the most common places we see owners start is with their suspension. There’s a reason for this – suspension modifications allow for bigger wheels, sharper looks, improved ride height and quality, and the opportunity to install more rigorous equipment for better off-road performance. But before you go tearing apart your rig in the driveway, let’s take a look at the differences between two of the most popular suspension modifications we see today: lift and leveling kits.

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  8. Liquid Chill Original Equipment Coolant

    Liquid Chill Original Equipment Coolant

    Mishimoto Liquid Chill® original equipment engine coolant is formulated with an ethylene glycol base to provide optimal heat transfer, outstanding freeze protection, and unparalleled lubrication properties to ensure your engine runs cool and reliable for years. Our coolant is formulated to meet your vehicle manufacturer's OEM specifications and color requirements, so you can be confident you're buying the right coolant. The 50/50 mixture provides an easy solution for topping off your system or complete flush and fill with no mixing, mess, or hassle. Mishimoto coolant features highly effective corrosion inhibitors to prevent internal engine damage and extend the life of your vehicle. Our coolant provides an extended 150,000-mile service interval, delivering superior value and performance.

    Using the correct coolant and maintaining your vehicle's cooling system is essential for the engine's long-term health and performance. 

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  9. MMINT-G80-21

    2021+ BMW G8X M3/M4 Intercooler MMINT-G80-21 Engineering Report

    GOAL: Create a direct-fit performance intercooler that outperforms the stock intercooler.

    RESULTS: The Mishimoto manifold outflowed and outperformed the stock intake manifold while decreasing the pressure drop through the manifold. The Mishimoto manifold is more reliable than the factory manifold by replacing the crimped-on intercooler core with a fully welded aluminum core. In addition, the Mishimoto core is approximately 33% larger than stock and flowed up to 15% better than the stock manifold.

    CONCLUSION: The Mishimoto intercooler kit is a great upgrade for those looking for more power and reliability for their S58-powered BMW.

    Design Objectives:

    -Create an intercooler that performs better than the stock intercooler

    -The intercooler must give the customer the ability to add port fuel injection and port nitrous injection. *

    -The intercooler/manifold must not increase pressure loss through the system.

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  10. Upcycle – 2023+ Nissan Z Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 1 – Plans and Prototypes

    Upcycle – 2023+ Nissan Z Performance Intercooler R&D, Part 1 – Plans and Prototypes

    We all know how the saying goes. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Like any overutilized cliché, there’s some truth to it. It wouldn’t have assimilated into our lexicon if it wasn’t, right? The same sentiment rings true for Nissan’s Z-cars. These sporty coupes don’t change much between generations, but we can help but adore them. The latest generation is no exception to this trend. Nissan upcycled many of the primary aspects of the latest Z. From the retro styling, the 370Z DNA underpinning the chassis, and the VR30DDTT nestled under the characteristically long hood, we’ve seen these designs before. To some, it may seem like a parts bin model, but we all know this concoction results in a new, exciting car packed with potential. Potential that we already have the plan to unlock.

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