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Going with the Flow: SuperFlow Dynamics SF-1020 – Flow Bench Equipment Profile

Performance is always on the enthusiast’s mind. So, if you find us deep in thought behind the wheel, we’re usually pondering what parts or tweaks will squeeze out another few drops of power. We here at Mishimoto have the same thoughts and are on a mission to achieve that performance potential. Since most modern vehicles, even the performance-oriented models, are left breathing through straws thanks to stringent standards and regulations, reducing restrictions in the intake and intercooler systems is one of the quickest routes to adding some pep to any engine’s step.

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Your Biggest Fans – Radiator Fan Basics

You could say that we're big fans of keeping your vehicle cool here at Mishimoto. Take a look at our repertoire. You'll find a slew of radiators, intercoolers, oil coolers, transmission coolers for a large array of different types of vehicles, all partnered with deep dives into the inner workings of each system. While we're often spelunking down the rabbit hole of these different cooling systems, there's one critical component that's often overlooked – the fans.

It might not seem like it, but the fans under your hood are the unsung heroes of maintaining fluid … Continue Reading ››

A Tale of Two Systems – Intercooling System Overview – Air-to-Water vs. Air-to-Air Intercoolers

Turbo and supercharging have been crucial in modern automotive performance. These induction add-ons help your small displacement 4-cylinder punch above its weight class or help your monstrous V8 achieve ludicrous speed. In any case, the process of forced induction heats your charged air, which is less than ideal for keeping your performance machine, well, performing. Intercooling systems have long been implemented to mitigate this issue, but as these systems evolve, things can get a little convoluted, which is why we're here! Let's dig in. 

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Thermal Bypass Valves 101 – What are they and How do they Work

The automatic transmission in your vehicle is practically the defining feature of the vehicle. The sturdy gear sets housed inside, transferring power from the engine, are the gatekeeper to hauling heavy payloads, traversing treacherous rock gardens, or setting blistering lap times. No matter how powerful your engine is, without the transmission, your vehicle is dead weight. 

Where the transmission is the soul of your car, truck, or Jeep, keeping it cool can sometimes pose a challenge. True, there are many ways to maintain transmission fluid temperatures, but they won't do you any good if the … Continue Reading ››

Chill Out – Coolant Basics and why not to Mix them

Keeping your engine temperature in check is essential to your vehicle running at peak performance. Overheating can lead to gasket failures or even warping and damage to critical engine components. Here at Mishimoto, we have plenty of experience keeping your engines cool through hardware, but we rarely dive into the coolant running through the heat exchangers and cooling passages.

The mixing of these various coolant makeups is often debated since some play nice with each other, while others will cause trouble within your cooling system. Before we get into that, let’s dive into the different … Continue Reading ››