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The Top 3 Things to Look for When Choosing an Intercooler

Choosing an intercooler can be intimidating, so we’ve broken down the top 3 things that we think you should consider when looking for your upgrade.

#3 End tanks

We’re biased when it comes to intercooler end tanks but there are a few choices available on the market – we ranked these from the least impressive option to the highest quality. Each type of end tank comes with its redeeming qualities as well as drawbacks, so we’re here to help make … Continue Reading ››

It Started out with a PSSHT – Blow-Off Valve Technical Article

The turbocharger system is one of the most beautiful soundscapes in the automotive world. This overgrown mechanical snail not only gives smaller, more efficient engines the extra pep in their step, but it also fills our ears with a symphony of whirrs, flutters, and hisses, all complemented by the bassy undertone of the exhaust. Each section of the turbocharged orchestra plays its part, but today we’re going to look at the ‘Hiss’ section, with the blow-off valve sitting in first chair.

What is a Blow-Off Valve?

When it comes to … Continue Reading ››

Know Your Tanks – Tech Blog: Coolant Overflow Tank vs. Expansion Tank

Back in the good ‘ol days (aka the infancy) of liquid cooled engines, just about all of the emissions systems would vent chemicals and harmful vapors to the atmosphere. No PCV or CCV lines, no catalytic converters, just dribbling coolant and blow-by all across the roadways. It was great for the cars, but not so great for the world around us (sorry ozone). As environmental restrictions tightened, manufacturers had to develop ways to keep the byproducts of the internal combustion and cooling chemicals inside the car.

Forced Induction 101: Turbocharging vs. Supercharging

Competitive racing can be simplified. It boils down to a very basic question: Who’s faster? Where it gets nuanced is when this idea branches off into other areas of competition based on driver preference and customization. We see this from competing companies as they choose different methods of business operations and seeing their way as more efficient. The same goes for popular discussion topics, people aligning themselves with what they find best represents who they are. In fact, my middle school time capsule included a representation of this competition by listing items and companies in the same category and who … Continue Reading ››

Filtering the Right Stuff: Dry vs Oiled Air Filters

Do you remember your first car? Your first modification? Was it an intake? I bet it was an intake. I bought my first car in high school. Watch out ladies; it was an extremely clean, pearl white, 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS (automatic and with a Bomex body kit…. I was 17), and yes, the very first thing I did within a week of owning it was buy a cheap, used intake from some guy on Craigslist. It felt cool to finally own a “modded” car, and I’m sure most of the gearheads reading this can relate.