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Requesting Backup – Secondary Race Radiator Prototype and Testing

The FK8 was designed to be a road warrior. From the twisty mountain backroads to the most Ivy League of race tracks, Honda built this Civic to dominate the tarmac. Even with its inherent skill and teeming aggression, the Civic Type R still comes under fire from the heat it produces. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to cut your track day or canyon run short when the car that Honda designed for just such driving gets pinned down from high temperatures. Looks like this Civic could use some backup, maybe something like a secondary race radiator.

Hot-Blooded – Direct-Fit Oil Cooler R&D, Part 2 – Dyno Testing

It is prime plague season, especially in the Mid-Atlantic. The transition into winter wreaks havoc on our frail and feeble immune systems. There’s a nip in the air, sinuses are congested, and fevers are running high. The Civic Type R might have a bit of a runny nose, and prone to fevers, but much like checking into the local urgent care to quell those telltale cold symptoms, Dr. Mishi is in to reduce the high temps on your FK8.


Now, big pharma companies don’t just have something that looks good on paper … Continue Reading ››

Feel Good Drag – A Day at the Drag Strip with Turn 14

So many companies out there have some sort of initiative to keep their employees beaming and happy. They naturally want to boost morale and build community. Things like bonus programs, free snacks and coffee, and periodic company-wide outings are part of what helps people fuel up each day and arrive charged, ready to floor it. When a particular company happens to be a behemoth in distributing automotive performance parts, an outing isn’t something as simple as a comped night at Chili’s. That wouldn’t suit a car enthusiast. Instead, it ends up being a day trip ripping down the drag strip … Continue Reading ››

Western Expansion – Aluminum Expansion Tank R&D – Concept to Completion

Just from looking at the Civic Type R, you can tell that it’s built to perform. The exterior styling is aggressive, yet functional. Every grill, opening, and spoiler incorporated into the design is there for a purpose, and that purpose is speed. Even with the amount of legwork that went into making this Civic the cream of the crop, everyone is still after increased performance.


When most think about the performance of any vehicle, they think of how fast they can make it. Dreams of tunes, intakes, intercoolers, and exhausts are what drift … Continue Reading ››

Hot-Blooded – Oil Cooler R&D, Part 1 – Concept and Design

The Type R badge is something that’s had a significant history under the red Honda emblem. Since the adoption of anything Type R in the US, the release of the FK8 was almost like the modern reboot of a cult classic sports flick. This time around we get one of the Hemsworth brothers instead of Patrick Swayze much like an added turbo and over the top aero styling. Some things stay the same though. We still get the conspicuously red seats and Foreigner makes an appearance on the soundtrack.

Check it and See

By most accounts, the FK8 is in fact Continue Reading ››