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Heavier Breathing – 2017-2021 Honda Civic Type R Race Intake R&D, Part 3 – Full Kit Testing

It's old news that the FK8 Honda Civic Type R is a record-setting speed machine. Now that the years have passed, plenty of drivers are looking for ways to take the Civic's record-setting run even further, and we're ready to deliver the solution. 

There's no shortage of speed when it comes to the Civic Type R, but we wanted to unlock even more gumption from the K20C1 with our race intake kit. Before we dig into our performance testing results, though, let's just take a minute to admire Ye's hard work:

Heavier Breathing – Race Intake Kit R&D, Part 2 – Prototyping

The FK8 Civic Type R is bred for the track. Sure, you see these auspiciously styled Civics roaming the streets and highways, but you don’t set front-wheel-drive lap records at the Nurburgring being developed for comfort. If the performance brakes and tires, styling, and big shot K20C1 weren’t already enough, enthusiasts are still demanding more from their CTRs. A demand that we’re here to fulfill.

In our last post, we covered our plans for the new race intake, but no … Continue Reading ››

Heavier Breathing – Race Intake Kit R&D, Part 1 – Concept and Design Plans

The Honda Civic is a mod machine. To some, they might be the butt of a joke, but for many, these little compact cars hold a treasure trove of modification and tuning potential. Even though the FK8 comes from the factory as a track devouring top performer complete with the towering wing, monstrous brakes, and sport bucket seats, it's no exception to this trend. The heavy-hitting K20C1 under the hood and handling that almost defies physics only add to the to-do list for these civic owners. The drivers want more, and we're here to deliver.