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Pipeline – 2021+ Ford Bronco Performance Intercooler Pipe Kit R&D, Part 2 – Prototyping

Strengthening any system is never quite complete without at least a dry run. Careful planning and consideration could all come crashing down if these concepts can’t quite hack it in the real world. Preliminary tests and prototypes are essential to this process to ensure all plans fit properly into place, which is exactly what we’re aiming to test.

The restrictive OEM pipes immediately dash any plans for big boost, but things could be even worse if our expansion plans don’t properly fit in the already tight engine bay. While our sophisticated modeling software does provide … Continue Reading ››

Pipeline – 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.3L Performance Intercooler Piping R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review and Design Plans

Preparation and reinforcement are essential when any system is about to experience a sudden increase in volume. Whether it's the website holding the info for the resurrected legendary off-roading lineup, the production line bolting these trucks together for the mountains of orders, or the piping system in the 2.3L that just had a performance tune installed, solidifying these systems is crucial to a smooth and optimized operation. Like with any forced induction engine, the four-cylinder Broncos' intercooling system holds the key to a significant portion of that power potential you're after. However, the stock piping still needs some … Continue Reading ››