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Back From Pasture – 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7 Baffled Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 3 – PCV-Side Production Sample and Test Results

Just like the wild stallion that the truck is named for, our donor Bronco stampeded back through our R&D facility after its preliminary 1000-mile test. While it was galavanting, though, our engineering team wrapped up the finishing touches on our kit to get it ready for the streets and trails.

The makeover started with our bracket. When we last left off, our prototype bracket was sporting a more universal design, with mounting holes encircling the top of the bracket. However, since this is a direct fit application, Ye made sure to … Continue Reading ››

Back for Pasture – 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L Baffled Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 2 – PCV-Side Concept and Design

The Bronco is back, which is basically old news at this point. However, as the hum of excitement subsides for this legend's return, the buzz is now shifting to the endless possibilities to customize and accessorize this off-roading machine. Naturally, Ford anticipated the owner's needs to personalize their Broncos, launching the line with a plethora of accessories to appear more adventurous and act the part. However, missing from the catalog was a means of adding a layer of protection against the onslaught of blow-by on the intake tract. Not to worry, though, since we here at Mishimoto wanted … Continue Reading ››