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Functional Form – Expansion Tank R&D, Part 2: Design & Pre-Sale

The last time we saw our 2015+ F-150, it was still equipped with the plastic bag of dinner rolls that is the stock expansion tank. Since then, we’ve been busy designing, prototyping, and sampling a stronger and better-looking expansion tank for all 2015+ F-150s. Before we dive into our tank and the progress we’ve made, let’s look back at the stock tank and some of its shortcomings. … Continue Reading ››

Functional Form – Expansion Tank R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

Modern society tends to view vanity as an unwanted trait. But, without a certain level of vanity, our lives would be dull, to say the least. People care about how something looks, whether we put a value on that appearance or not. We use our eyes to recognize danger and make critical decisions about our lives. The weight we naturally apply to our vision affects less important decisions, too. We choose our clothing, our food, our homes, largely based on how they look. If it weren’t for our natural vanity, nobody would care about Lamborghinis or Ferraris. … Continue Reading ››