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Prepare for Adventure – Catch Can R&D, Part 3: Test Results

One of the hardest parts of any adventure comes before you even leave your house: the waiting that leads up to your inevitable start. Sitting there, watching the minutes tick down until it’s time, is a test of patience. That last minute can feel like it lasts longer than the hours leading up to it. Here at Mishimoto, it feels like we’ve … Continue Reading ››

Prepare for Adventure – Catch Can R&D, Part 2: Design

Imagine driving your brand-new 3.6L Jeep Wrangler JL up a steep, rocky grade. Your tires struggle to grip the rocks and loose soil, but you persevere, steadily making your way to the top. You look back to see the faces of your friends, hoping they’ll be amazed and thinking the same thing you are, “Wow, this Jeep can take on anything!” But you can’t see them, because they’ve been enveloped in a plume of blue-white smoke…Continue Reading ››

Prepare for Adventure – Catch Can R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

“What’s the point?” A question commonly asked by those who see cars and trucks solely as a means to get from point A to point B, from where they are to where they want to be. Those people look at a Ferrari and a Camry the same way. There are speed limits and traffic, so what’s the point of having a fast car? They look at off-road capable vehicles and ask, “What’s the point?” We have roads and highways that get you wherever you need to go, why would you ever want to leave them? What those people miss, however, … Continue Reading ››