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Mazdatrix RX-8

Kyle Mohan's Mazdatrix RX-8


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Why do you race? I grew up loving cars and going to the races with my Dad, which made me love the sport and eventually decide to build cars.

What do you think of your racing career? It's been my dream to race all my life so I just want to keep at it. It is a lot of work and a lot of hours, but I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What does the start of your day entail? Waking up and feeding the pet hamster (My girlfriend Adrienne bought a pet hamster and named it Hammy. He’s the Drift Hamster). Then I go up to Mazdatrix where I work as a rotary engine builder.

How much time do you dedicate to practice between events? Because I own and build the car I spend most of my time developing and preparing the car at the shop for the next round. I literally mean most of my time – after work, on weekends, lunch time…

What do you do to stay in shape during the season? I used to surf and skate but lately I’ve been riding my mountain bike a lot.

Where do you practice when at home? Gran Turismo, or the Mazdatrix parking lot when my boss isn’t around.

Any funny road trip stories from your career? Well I don’t know if the local car rental place will want to rent us a car anytime soon… After a road trip from Seattle the Chevy Traverse we had drive will never be the same.

Who do you look up to in your sport and why? Rhys Millen – smart business man, great racer!

Is there any other sport you actively participate in? Time Attack and Gymkhana whenever I can!

Are there any sponsors or specific people out there you would like to thank for helping you get to the races? Big thanks to my family and friends for all the help! The whole program wouldn’t exist without the help of literally all of my friends and family. Nexen tire, which came on board last year and has really helped us take it to the next level. Mazdatrix and Mazda USA, where we get all of our horsepower and technical help. And we have had several other partners – Exedy Clutches, XXR Wheels, Turbonetics, Idemitsu Oil, Eibach Springs, Gatorz Eyewear, Dstroyr, Kognition – and, of course, Mishimoto and Drop Engineering!

If you were trapped on a deserted island and could only bring one movie and one CD, what would they be? The new Speed Racer and Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

What would be on the plate of your last meal ever? Lobster and Steak!

Favorite video game? Gran Turismo!

Your biggest pet peeve(s)? People who go slow in the fast lane!

What celebrity would you most like to be your wife and why? Adrienne will see this so I don’t think I should answer...

What music do you listen to? All types, love rock, use to be in a band and like to play guitar.

One item you never leave the house without. My lap top… Work and stay in touch anywhere.

Favorite sports team? Lakers.

What’s one thing you loved as a child but hate as an adult? Summer vacation, was the best time when I was a kid now I'm stuck at work…

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time? I don’t have any free time… haha, I love drifting so almost all my time goes into it.


Formula Drift Pro Championship Round 1 - Long Beach GP Street Course - Long Beach, CA | April 4 - 5 Round 2 - Road Atlanta - Braselton, GA | May 9 - 10 Round 3 - Homestead-Miami Speedway - Homestead, FL | May 30 - 31 Round 4 - Wall Speedway - Wall, NJ | June 20 - 21 Round 5 - Evergreen Speedway - Monroe, WA | July 18 - 19 Round 6 - Texas Motor Speedway - Fort Worth, TX | September 12 - 13 Round 7 - Irwindale Speedway - Irwindale, CA | October 10 - 11
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