2019-04-30 20:20:07

Mishimoto DIY: Universal Intercooler Cores

What's an intercooler without end tanks? With the launch of our full line of air-to-air intercooler cores, Mishimoto offers just about any size that would fit your project. Follow along as our Director of Innovation, Eric Plebani, and Fabricator, Mike Snyder, give some useful tips on constructing end tanks and branding for your custom intercooler project.

Get yours today:

Our intercooler cores feature:

• Robust bar-and-plate construction
• Designed for maximum flow and heat dissipation
• Arrive in a raw finish, ready for fabrication and endless finishing possibilities
• Downloadable Mishimoto logo stencil for personalized branding
• 22 different sizes to choose from to fit the needs of your project
• Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty