Building Endurance – Performance Radiator Kit R&D, Part 5 – Auxilliary Radiator Production Sample

When it comes to keeping the Supra cool, it’s a team effort. True, the primary radiator is the team captain, but if you recall from our first post, the cooling strategy for the B58 means every component is a key player. To make sure the entire team plays well together when you put the hammer down, we gave the same special attention to the auxiliary radiators. Our production samples are in, so let’s take a look at the new design.

On the whole, these radiators received the same treatment as the primary unit. For starters, we ditched the plastic end tanks in favor of full aluminum units, which are TIG-welded to the core instead of crimped. This method of construction will result in a more durable and long-lasting radiator. Speaking of durability, we also designed these auxiliary radiators to accept the factory stone guards to avoid any potential punctures due to road debris. Couple that with our robust strutted tubes, and our new aux rads are a solid addition to the Supra’s front end.

We didn’t meddle with the mounting points’ placement or the style of hose connection so that installation would be a direct swap.

But durability is only half of the equation. Yes, we want these auxiliary radiators to last much longer than the stock units, but improved performance is what we’re chasing. For that, Jason made sure to bump up the size of the radiators as much as possible. He increased the core thickness to 40mm, which equated to a 30% bump in core volume, and also added 180% external fin surface area with strategic adjustments to the fin design. Like the stock units and our primary radiator, we also retained the louvered fin design. The louvered fins keep the incoming air in contact with the fins longer, which crucial to improving cooling.

Sure all of this sounds great on paper, but will they perform? Make sure you stay tuned to find out when we load A90 Supra onto the Dynapack system.

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