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Dirty Work – Oil Catch Can Kit R&D, Part 3: Testing

The last steps of any project are the hardest to get through. The excitement of enjoying the results of your hard work can often get in the way of doing the job right. But hard work without patience often leads to more work.

For us, the last steps of our 2011–2016 and 2017+ catch cans were also the most technically demanding. In our last post, we took measurements of both trucks’ filter boxes and engines with our … Continue Reading ››

Dirty Work – Oil Catch Can Kit R&D, Part 2: Design

Connecting our catch can to the factory 6.7L CCV system is not be a simple task. In order for our catch can to protect the engine, we need to intercept the blow-by between the CCV filter box and the valve cover. To make matters more difficult, the CCV filter boxes in both the 2011–2016 and 2017+ bolt directly to the engine’s valve cover with only a few centimeters between them and the firewall. That means clearance for lines or adapters is extremely tight. Fitting lines within this area in a way that retains the filter … Continue Reading ››

Dirty Work – Oil Catch Can Kit R&D, Part 1: Stock Review

The most rewarding work is hard work. But hard work is often dirty work. If you’re a car or truck enthusiast, you know the feeling of accomplishment you get from the hard work of fixing or modifying your vehicle. You also know the struggle of trying to scrub away the grime from under your fingernails afterwards.

Few people know the reward of hard work more than those who work on diesel trucks or those who use them every day to make a living. You’d be hard-pressed to find a construction site, landscaping job, or farm without a diesel … Continue Reading ››