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Cool Integration – Performance Heat Exchanger R&D, Part 4 – Testing Results

The GR Supra is a showoff. This is not news. No one is going out to buy one of Toyota’s most revered sports cars because they’re looking for something sensible. Nope, they’re looking for a shouty straight-six, all wrapped in a sleek, low-riding 2-seater body. They're likely looking to turn the A90 into their next mod-machine as well. If you’ve been following our R&D, you’ll already know that our new heat exchanger design, on paper, is also quite the showoff. If you don’t already know that aspect, make sure to head back to our last post, which outlines … Continue Reading ››

Cool Integration – Performance Heat Exchanger R&D, Part 3 – Production Sample

It's hard not to be a showoff behind the wheel of the A90 Supra, and we can't exactly blame you either. The car begs to be thrashed, and resisting the exhaust pops is futile. The namesake is one that demands attention (ISSAT A SUPRA?!), all wrapped up in a sleek, not exactly subtle body design. The fact is, the Supra is showy, and that's fine. We're just as eager to be just as showy with our new means of reducing the intercooler temperatures in the form of a performance heat exchanger. So, rather than getting existential about the … Continue Reading ››

Cool Integration – Performance Heat Exchanger R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review

Nothing shows progression in technology quite like integration. The means of creating one item that performs the function of four is the way of the future. Just take your mobile phone that you’re likely reading this on. Fifteen years ago, it was just a phone designed for talking and texting, with some limited internet access, and now it’s a computer in your pocket. Similarly, the intercooler inside of the B58’s intake manifold is a pure form of integration in the name of performance. The marriage of these two components, though, means that the intercooler’s heat exchanger is now … Continue Reading ››