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Going the Distance – Aluminum Degas Tank, Part 3: Prototype

One of the hardest aspects of design is often knowing when to stop and take a step back. Failure is never fun, but we’ve learned that failure is just the beginning of a better design. Nothing is a complete failure, it’s just another step forward. When we last saw our 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke aluminum degas tank, it had become … Continue Reading ››

Going the Distance – Aluminum Degas Tank, Part 2: Design

As vehicles become more complex, so does designing aftermarket parts for them. When components play multiple roles, every detail must be carefully measured and accounted for. The 2008-2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke degas tank is no exception to that trend. Even ten years ago, manufacturers like Ford were finding ways to over-complicate even the simplest coolant tank. Building our aluminum replacement … Continue Reading ››

Going the Distance – Aluminum Degas Tank, Part 1: Stock Review

Few activities in the automotive world are less fun than trying to gauge the fluid level inside an aging coolant tank. Like cleaning a bathroom drain, it’s a not-so-subtle reminder that no matter how clean you keep the outside, there’s something nasty happening inside. In the case of the 6.4L Powerstroke engine, the cast iron block and porous plastic tank … Continue Reading ››