Shock Value – 2021+ Ford Bronco Rear Shock Skid Plate R&D – Concept to Completion

Shock Value – 2021+ Ford Bronco Rear Shock Skid Plate R&D – Concept to Completion

What makes for a successful off-roader? Sure, a powerplant sending loads of low-end grunt to all four grippy all-terrain tires combined with a high-rising and flexible suspension are all essential to the success of any overlander, but that’s not necessarily the secret sauce. Durability is the key. Nothing spoils the euphoria of cruising through gorgeous landscapes in your Bronco, quite like a trail obstacle jumping out and viciously assaulting your undercarriage. While most of the critical bits under your Bronco are already well protected, the rear suspension is still left defenseless against the menacing wilderness. Well, defenseless until now.

Enter Anthony, our man with a plan to keep these rear shocks both properly attached to the Bronco and relatively unscathed for many more off-road expeditions. That plan, simply put, is to give these shocks the armor they deserve. As simple as that sounds, our engineer’s design features some complexity ideal for keeping the suspension safe.

With our 3D complete, our fabrication team was able to bring our design to life for preliminary test fits.
With a physical copy of our shock skid plate in hand we were able to test fit our skid plate on our Badlands Bronco to ensure that our new underbody protection is compatible with the Bilstein suspension package

By design, the mounting point for these struts is inherently tough. They’re one of the main links from wheel to chassis, meaning they need to be dependable, but they can be a liability on the trail. So, these mounting points are where we started with our design. Without a means of fixing these plates to the Bronco, however, they would just make for extremely strong paperweights. So, Anthony developed two flexible tangs that slot through each strut’s main mounting bolt, essentially making the plate a part of the suspension.

With the mounting settled, let’s move on to how this design keeps your struts safe. To start, we opted to conscript the use of 3/16″ thick steel for this design for an unwavering barrier around the most vulnerable section of the struts. In addition, we’re powder-coating these plates in a sleek and stealthy black finish to keep this steel out of the cruel grasp of corrosion. Finally, for added protection, we electrogalvanized the metal prior to the coating to further prevent these plates from turning to dust.

In addition to the sturdy constitution of our design, Anthony specifically shaped these plates to prevent snags on obstacles on top of providing protection. Starting with our tall frontal wall, we angled this plate to ensure boulders and other hazards glace off the plate rather than taking hold of your Bronco by its hind legs. This barrier continues around all four sides of the lower strut to guarantee protection from all angles.

What constitutes a successful off-roader? The ability to make it home. The power figures and tire specs can suddenly become irrelevant when the rear shocks are out in the open against knocks, bumps, and punctures. So, make sure you grab a set of rear shock skid plates to ensure the success of your off-roading Bronco.

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