The Final Product - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 4

The Final Product - MK7 GTI Induction, Part 4

Great news from the Mishimoto garage! We have tested and fitted the final iteration of our airbox design for this prototype MK7 intake. We made some minor adjustments for fitment and ease of installation, but more on that later. This has been an interesting project from the start because of the uniqueness of this box design – check it out!

Final Intake System

Once this prototype system was ready to go, we prepared it for final fitting into the MK7. The next step is paint! The final products will be powder coated, with the intake pipe color options ranging from wrinkle black/red powdercoat or chrome polish. So the painted parts below are just for visualization purposes.

IMG_0969r Prototype MK7 parts drying from paint

IMG_0989r MK7 GTI intake airbox

IMG_0990r MK7 GTI intake airbox

As seen above, this version of the box has the SAI (secondary air injection) attachment. Also, compared to the previous version you’ve seen, the airbox lid is slightly different. There are now two bends instead of one on the lid, which drops the total height of the box by 25 millimeters. We did this to avoid any problems with hood clearance.

We have also retained the use of the stock inlet scoop, by providing a space for it in the front portion of the airbox where the fresh air is directed to the filter.

Here is a shot of the pipe with the vacuum attachment!

IMG_0987r MK7 GTI intake pipe vacuum line

Attention to the Details

It’s the little things that matter when an aftermarket product has several components. We want our consumers to have the best possible experiences when handling any of our products. Here are some more design improvements we have made.

IMG_0992r Underside mounting points

If you recall from our last airbox prototype, the design for the bottom of the box had formed into two steps to contour to the mounting-point locations on the chassis. In the present design, we made the entire airbox bottom into one smooth plane. This simplifies the design from a manufacturing standpoint.

IMG_0994r Offset mounting bracket

In the image above, do you see that the bracket bolts are slightly offset? This isn’t a design flaw. We did that so the bracket can properly fit on the airbox in only one orientation. This should reduce the chance of an incorrect installation.

IMG_0988r MK7 GTI Intake airbox with air filters fitted inside

The image above shows how the filter and the SAI attachment will fit inside the box. Pretty cool, right?

IMG_0983r All prototype MK7 parts

And above is a prototype version of how the full system (minus the rubber grommets, which we will include in the kit) will look!

Product Fitment

Now onto fitment. Let’s see how this kit looks in the engine bay!

IMG_0970r Prototype MK7 GTI parts fitment

IMG_0973r Prototype MK7 GTI parts fitment

Look below at how all the components come together, including the SAI attachment, vacuum line, and bracket.

IMG_0982r SAI attachment and vacuum line

IMG_0977r Mounting bracket bolted up

IMG_0981r Intake pipe attached to the turbo

And here are some shots of how the intake kit looks fully mounted in the car!

IMG_0976r Prototype MK7 GTI parts

IMG_0979r Prototype MK7 GTI parts

The prototype had spot-on fitment, making our test fit successful! Everything is where it’s supposed to be and securely in place, which puts this project that much closer to release.

Pre-Sale Time!

It’s about time to announce that we will have a discounted presale for those of you following our progress on this project. Production on these final MK7 GTI parts is slated to begin soon.

So please keep an eye out for more details on our MK7 Intake Presale!

As always, thanks for reading!