ReSpiration Focal Point - Intake R&D, Part 1: Stock Intake

ReSpiration Focal Point - Intake R&D, Part 1: Stock Intake

Finally!! Ford has teased us with the prospect of an all-wheel-drive (AWD) Focus RS for the US since the early 2000’s. Now, in 2016, it is finally here and in our garage. This is pretty groundbreaking considering that no Ford with an RS badge ever made its way to American soil, and they were not hot-hatches to ignore. The label had particularly dominated the rally world. Who can forget the infamous Escort RS Cosworth rally car with its countless podium finishes or the Focus RS WRC that won back-to-back manufacturer titles in 2006 and 2007? We at Mishimoto haven’t, and we’re glad to be reveling in all the mechanical glory that is Ford’s newest, AWD, turbocharged hot hatch.

Besides Ford providing us with a vehicle name that carries endless puns and name plays, this RS is packed with goodies, making it hard to pick an area to focus on because there are so many awesome features (I promise, that will be the only pun.). Although this RS shares its heart with the Mustang EcoBoost, it does have slightly more power, boasting a hearty 350 hp engine. And how about that drift mode feature? There is a lot of information I can get into here, so for more, check out our vehicle review!

IMG_8348r Aerial shot of the Ford Focus RS engine bay

IMG_8354r The Ford Focus RS honeycomb intake box

IMG_8352r Stock RS intake pipe

This stock intake is actually not all that unfamiliar to us. We have designed an intake for the Focus ST as well, and it gave us some promising numbers. However, these kits will not be interchangeable. Let’s take a look at this new RS intake!

Ford Focus RS stock intake Ford Focus RS stock intake

The RS honeycomb box again! The RS honeycomb box again!

Intake air temperature sensor Intake air temperature sensor

The airbox has a lot of features similar to the ST airbox; it even uses the intake air temperature (IAT) sensor that the 2015+ ST models use. (The 2013+ ST models use a mass airflow sensor.). Ford has also retained the two tubes coming out of the airbox and that attach to the front grille. Of course, we will opt to keep this design feature in our prototype.

IMG_8413r Stock fresh air inlet duct attachment

IMG_8415r Front portion of fresh air duct

When it comes to the intake tube, it is actually a slightly more complex piece. The fitment space is very tight, and the small attachments on the tube will make it a challenging design. An aspect that stands out from our intake projects is the omission of a sound induction tube. These tubes direct more engine sound into the cabin of the vehicle by attaching directly to the intake and connecting to the firewall. The RS doesn’t have this tube located there; it is rather directly attached to the hot side intercooler pipe!

Another key difference is the shape of the intake tube, compared to the ST. The tube for the ST is flatter compared to the more cylindrical design of the RS. Check below for a quick comparison.

2016 Ford Focus RS intake tube 2016 Ford Focus RS intake tube

2013+ Ford Focus ST intake tube 2013+ Ford Focus ST intake tube

What’s Next?

Ready for the next step! Ready for the next step!

We have a clear view of where we want to go with the prototype design. We will report back with our plan of attack soon, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!