Catching Zs - Direct Fit Catch Can Kit R&D

Catching Zs - Direct Fit Catch Can Kit R&D

"Tokyo Drift" is a term that has almost become a colloquialism assigned to just generally kicking out the back end of the car. All of this stems from the third installment in the Fast and the Furious' franchise that shares the same name. Anyone who's watched Tokyo Drift, or has just happened to see any of the marketing material has seen that the 350Z is plastered on just about every inch of that movie. For good reason too.

Nissan revived their Z car platform to basically be a drifter's dream. With the heavy hitting VQ35DE in the front, a manual gearbox in the middle, and the power at the back, this car was born to go sideways.


2006 was a long time ago, and we've seen the 350Z and the G35 on the roads for even longer.  These cars are racking up the miles,

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