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Lead the Charge – Performance Charge Pipe R&D, Part 1 – Stock Review and Design

"Supra" is a name that evokes all types of tuner fantasies. These days, it's more uncommon to find a MKIV Supra that isn't hugging the asphalt or pushing 800+ horsepower to the wheels. Modifying a Supra is an enthusiast tradition. When the A90 finally came along, plenty wanted to carry on that tradition. However, with more power, stronger bolt-ons are needed, which is why we're focusing on the GR Supra's charge pipe.

It's beyond old news at this point that BMW pulled most of the weight when it came to the development of the A90 … Continue Reading ››

Cool Integration – Performance Heat Exchanger R&D, Part 4 – Testing Results

The GR Supra is a showoff. This is not news. No one is going out to buy one of Toyota’s most revered sports cars because they’re looking for something sensible. Nope, they’re looking for a shouty straight-six, all wrapped in a sleek, low-riding 2-seater body. They're likely looking to turn the A90 into their next mod-machine as well. If you’ve been following our R&D, you’ll already know that our new heat exchanger design, on paper, is also quite the showoff. If you don’t already know that aspect, make sure to head back to our last post, which outlines … Continue Reading ››

Building Endurance – Performance Radiator Kit R&D, Part 6 – Testing Results

Endurance is all about the long term. Building endurance in the automotive industry might mean keeping the car on the track for a few more minutes or stretching the same performance over a few extra years. Since the 2020+ Supra finds itself taking up both track and daily driving duties, we wanted to make sure our new radiators cover all the bases in improving the Supra's endurance.

The demand for quality has sharply increased over the years. In the past, overheating sometimes was a … Continue Reading ››

Shift Change – Automatic Transmission Cooler R&D, Part 2 – Production Sample and Testing

It's old news now that the Supra has returned. Back in late 2018, it didn't seem like there could be anything hotter in automotive news media. The Supra returned. What else, mattered? Plenty more mattered, as it turns out, as the heat has since blown over on this subject, and the Supra's are quite literally generating their own heat out on the roads and tracks. As we covered in the first post, heat in your automatic transmission is fine, but too much heat is not good. Luckily, we've already devised a solution to keep the Supra shifting … Continue Reading ››

Speed Evolved – Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 4 – Testing Results

While it may have seemed like millions of years since this project began, in only a few short months, our Supra intake's evolution is nearing completion. We've watched it dig its way out of the ocean on to dry land and sprout legs, but now is the time to see if it can breathe out of the water.

Testing intake kits is a multistep process here at Mishimoto. There's more to an intake kit than just a dyno run and pulling the best result from a series of power pulls. For starters, the Supra's ECU … Continue Reading ››