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Removing the Rubber – Silicone Induction Hose R&D, Part 1: Stock Review and 3D Models

Setting the Scene…

The early summer sun hangs low and cool against the rolling American meadows, lazily beginning to cast its gaze over another serene, newborn morning. Delicate but unwavering, it brings the landscape to life, painting the valley in amber shades so warm they can practically be felt. The depth and flowing continuity in these endless … Continue Reading ››

Beat The Heat! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Intercooler R&D, Part 6: Prototype Testing Round 2

We are narrowing down our selection of core designs through both extensive research and some pretty neat testing processes. After seeing some impressive heat transfer numbers on our first round of Ford Fiesta ST intercooler testing, we decided to focus on producing a better balance between pressure drop and reduction of intake temperatures. New prototypes were constructed, and we were ready … Continue Reading ››

Fresh Air For The Fiesta! ST Performance Intake R&D, Part 7: Final Prototype Installation

With our final prototype in hand, our team went to work bolting everything into place. We’ve made minor tweaks to the design, so we just want to be sure fitment is spot-on for our final iteration. Check out a few shots from the final install. Ford Fiesta ST Intake fully installed Continue Reading ››

Beat The Heat! Mishimoto Fiesta ST Intercooler R&D, Part 5: Second Prototype Fabrication

Our quest for the perfect intercooler core continues! So far we’ve perfected the fitment and size of our intercooler core. Our final task is to adjust internal fin composition to create a perfect blend of pressure retention and temperature benefits.

Prototype Ford Fiesta ST Intercooler Fabrication

Timing is a bit of a concern for us at this time. This project has been … Continue Reading ››