Wild Breath - 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.3L/2.7L Performance Intake R&D, Part 4 - Airbox Production Sample

Wild Breath - 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.3L/2.7L Performance Intake R&D, Part 4 - Airbox Production Sample

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Compromise is all about finding balance. From the design studio to the streets, these Broncos have had to compromise on a few topics to make them adequate on the pavement and functional once that asphalt runs out. One of the main topics of contention between the punchy 2.3L and 2.7L workhorse is the airbox for both intake systems. While both parties have reached an agreement, for now, some renegotiation is in order, and we're here to mediate.

Looking back to our first post, Ford opted to share the intake system's airbox between the four and six-cylinder powerplant options. While this decision slimmed production costs, it also squandered both engines' potential. If there's an EcoBoost badge on a Ford, it's almost guaranteed that enthusiasts will demand more boost from the system. That extra pressure will be in vain, though, since this airbox is one of the gatekeepers of power. Until now, that is.

Our airbox was just a collection of pixels in our digital workspace when we left off. Finally, this virtual representation has come to life after a round of prototyping and production. Our production samples have arrived at our R&D facility, and we're eager to show them off.

Clad in its rugged cross-linked polyethylene, this new airbox is more than equipped to handle the harsh heat from the engine bay while shrugging off any other hazards encountered on off-road excursions. In addition, this material choice allowed our engineer to utilize rotational molding manufacturing, giving Ye much more lead in striking a balance between expanding the box's size while ensuring fitment.

Growth is always a necessity for improvement. In this case, physically growing the airbox's size was vital in giving both engines access to a greater air volume while clearing room for our much larger filter. The increased surface area combined with the more free-flowing element reduces restriction right at the start of the system, allowing the Bronco to take deeper breaths. Speaking of filtration, we know the right element varies per environment. To ensure we're keeping these filters properly flowing while blocking dust and debris, we're also offering these kits with the option for a dry or oiled filter. The status of your filter can even be determined with a quick peek through our access window.

We incorporated this clear, removable window in our airbox design to check your filter's status with a glance. This window is also removable, so you can turn up the volume on your turbocharged soundtrack, and serves as the access point for our upcoming snorkel kit.

The security of the Bronco's fresh air is vital, so we took measures to ensure that the air is consistently flowing to the correct channels. For starters, Ye included CNC-machined billet aluminum mounting pegs to properly slot the box into place, combined with a sturdy steel bracket to keep it from wiggling free. To top things off, this box utilizes our patented filter grommet design to securely seal off the airbox from outside debris and keep the fresh air flowing to the turbos.

Power is already plentiful no matter which engine found its way into your Bronco. But, even with that provided grunt, there's always room and a desire for more. The turbocharged platform lends itself to oodles of potential, but the shared airbox across the lineup stifles the EcoBoost with its airflow compromise. With the terms of this airbox agreement kicked off, the Bronco is already starting to breathe better, but each engine still wants its own separate agreements.

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