Wild Breath - 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.3L Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 5 - 2.3L Production Sample

Wild Breath - 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.3L Performance Intake Kit R&D, Part 5 - 2.3L Production Sample

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There's a beauty in simplicity, especially in the automotive realm. In an age where cars practically pilot themselves, the lack of features and frills puts some character back into the driving experience. Our 2.3L Bronco is a prime example of this. Sporting almost no options from the factory other than standard equipment, this baby Bronco left enough of an impression on us here that it's one of the few vehicles in Mishimoto history to be given a name. Pedro looks great in steel wheels, but this plucky off-roader is still a blank canvas for plenty more modification.

Our intake followed a similar design path based on the simplicity of this base Bronco's accouterments. On the surface, Pedro might look run-of-the-mill, but that's only skin deep. The 2.3L under the hood is packing plenty of high-tech features, specifically regarding emissions reduction. So, to keep the ecosystem in the engine bay happy, along with the one here on planet Earth, this intake tag teams with the factory emissions systems.

Last seen as a 3D model, our full 2.3L intake production samples have arrived here at the R&D facility, and we're eager to show them off. Since we're retaining the aforementioned emissions equipment, there are only a couple of components to this kit, with the updated airbox improving the most for the 2.3L. Make sure that you head back to our previous post to get a more in-depth look at our new airbox:

Mishimoto Airbox Production Sample

Our revisions were aimed directly at improving the integration of our new airbox to this engine. We started by ditching the rubber accordion-style flex tube and replacing that with a continuation of the tough cross-linked polyethylene. This new design removes the irregular interior surface featured on the stock kit and provides a slick tube with a gradual step down to match the rest of the intake.

We put our application-specific silicone coupler up to the task of joining these two sections. This tough silicone joint provides improved durability over the OEM setup while retaining the flex needed to keep things mounted securely.

Even for complex automotive engineering, the K.I.S.S. method still finds its place. "Keep it simple, stupid" might be cliché, but it's also the ideal path for finding the best balance of performance while retaining the ever-important emissions components. So make sure you stay tuned for the first look at our performance testing coming soon!

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