Mishimoto's Quest to Acquire a 2015 Subaru WRX

Mishimoto's Quest to Acquire a 2015 Subaru WRX

With our success in providing high quality, effective cooling solutions for several generations of Subaru models we decided it would be wise to dive into development of the brand new 2015 WRX! With so many changes to the vehicle this year, our team came to the conclusion that we would purchase this vehicle for R&D purposes.

Today we are on quite a journey from our facility in New Castle, DE to Canton, CT to pick-up our brand new WRX. Loaded up with testing equipment, coffee, snacks, and enough Dramamine to settle the stomach of the entire east coast, we set off to enjoy a day of highway driving and flat-four fun. The next several weeks will be spent tearing the car apart, evaluating the different systems and components, and getting a jump on developing our new products.

The mission to find one of the first vehicles available has been quite a challenge. We considered traveling to California as well as Canada to obtain this vehicle as quickly as possible. Yesterday we finally were able to locate this particular model and jumped at the chance to pick it up as soon as possible.

Yes, the first thing you will notice is that this is indeed a CVT model. In an effort to provide cooling components for all types of enthusiasts, we decided one of our many projects would include a radiator with a proper in-tank transmission cooler that can keep temperatures under control in a track environment. This vehicle will provide all of the measurements and information we need for development. Additionally, since we have direct access to the vehicle we can easily gather real-world performance data.

Not only do we have radiator plans, but we have a whole line of products that we plan to offer for the new WRX. We would love to hear any feedback regarding what components you would like to see! We would also be more than happy to provide any images you would like if you happen to be considering this vehicle for your next ride!

Our final goal for today is to capture a dyno video featuring the first pull of the WRX! It will be interesting to see what it puts to the ground!


Update! We now own a 2015 WRX! Check out the images below.

First dyno pull!!

Stay tuned for constant updates throughout the day!