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  1. Piping Hot – Exhaust R&D, Part 5: Decimating Drone

    Piping Hot – Exhaust R&D, Part 5: Decimating Drone

    Usually, the first noticeable change people make to any car is how it sounds. As summer starts to heat up, some of us gearheads are starting to take our unicorns, endless money-pits, kind-of-finished projects, or whatever you call your ride, out of storage, or the garage. It’s the season for nightly meets, hot track days and long cruises, giving you the perfect opportunity to showcase the changes you’ve made to your pride and joy since you put it away for the winter. Whether you replaced your catalytic converter with a high flow version, got a full, larger-diameter exhaust, or custom fabricated your own straight-pipe setup, the exhaust is the go-to modification if you want to be heard.

    We know that there is a sweet middle ground many go for when modifying the exhaust. An exhaust that is too tame can be a bit of a let-down if you want some serious growl. However, an exhaust that is too aggressive can anger the neighbors, attract Johnny Law, and loudly drone on the highway – none

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  2. Auxiliary Rads Forever – Auxiliary Radiator R&D, Part 2: 3D Models

    Auxiliary Rads Forever – Auxiliary Radiator R&D, Part 2: 3D Models

    2016+ Camaro Auxiliary Radiator Dicsounted Pre-Sale has begun!


    For as long as there have been stories, there have been heroes. Likewise, almost every hero has a sidekick (if he’s lucky, at least). This concept spans a breadth of traditional mediums and relationships: George had Lenny, Aladdin had Abu, Jak had Daxter, and the Fresh Prince had Jazzy Jeff. I think we can all agree that the 2016+ Camaro SS is the hero in this story, but in this chapter, our hero is the cooling system, and it just got one step closer to having TWO awesome sidekicks (What a concept!  If only Caesar had one good sidekick to talk some sense into Brutus!)  Of course, I’m talking about Mishimoto’s 2016+ Camaro SS Auxiliary Radiators. If you aren't familiar with the Camaro's unique cooling system, you can learn all about it in

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