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The Testing Phase – Mini Cooper Intake Development, Part 3

We have another update ready to share with the Mini world! In the last post, we went through the process of how this shield was constructed using the waterjet. Now that all the components have been completely assembled, it’s time to test and evaluate our system. Check out some sound clips below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKFDF3ZWPe8&feature=youtu.be Our intake dramatically improves the induction sound. The turbo spool is much more pronounced over stock and the intake tone is more aggressive. We know that this is as important for Mini drivers as performance, so we devoted time to making sure that this intake sounds awesome. The way this … Continue Reading ››

Prototype Fabrication and Fitment – Mini Cooper Intake Development, Part 2

In our last post for this project, we went through the stock system and left you with a teaser look at our initial design plans for the filter’s heat shield. We now have a functional prototype fabricated, which will soon be ready for testing. Let’s go through the interesting process of how we were able to make the heat shield and pipe.

Parts Fabrication

Usually, when it comes to creating the pieces to a heat shield, our process involved measuring twice and cutting once with the use of a band-saw, shears and a bender. It was laborious and time-consuming. With this project, we … Continue Reading ››

Stock System Review – Mini Cooper S Intake Development, Part 1

Mini Cooper S’s have always been fun little hatchbacks with large potential. True enjoyment comes during track days thanks to with their small and light chassis and a lively power-plant. The story is no different here with the newest model Mini Cooper S which is the most recent test subject to make into our garage for some intake R&D.

Stock System Review

Our goal here is to provide an enhanced driving experience to those purchasing our Mini Cooper air intake. Let’s jump into the stock intake to see what we’re working with! IMG_0224rContinue Reading ››