Stock Review + Initial Design - E46 Intake, Part 1

Stock Review + Initial Design - E46 Intake, Part 1

Our garage has been graced with the presence of a clean 2001 E46 330i, so we can now begin development on this E46 intake. Let’s dive right in!

Stock System

The 330i stock intake system is similar to the 32X, the big difference being the size of the MAF housing. On the higher-output 330i models, this housing is larger so it can accept greater airflow needed by the more powerful, higher-displacement engine. To accommodate that larger diameter, our design will have a slightly enlarged opening on the heat shield. Everything else should fit right into place! Here are a few shots of the stock system we are working on.

IMG_9765r Aerial shot of the 330i engine bay

IMG_9766r E46 intake stock system

IMG_9773r Up close shot of E46 parts

Design and Fitment

We needed to be sure that everything would fit correctly if we planned to use our previous shield as a base design. See below for how we mocked up fitment of the heat shield.

IMG_9779r Fitment of prototype E46 parts

IMG_9781r Fitment of prototype E46 parts

We knew going into this project that the inlet hole would need to be resized to accommodate the intake boot, so part of the heat shield was reworked to fit everything properly. Look below at the modifications as well as an in-house printed coupler – fits like a glove!

IMG_9972r Prototype coupler fitting onto the E46 intake

IMG_9976r Prototype coupler fitting onto the E46 intake

Coming Up!

Check out the full kit below. This prototype application required a custom-made filter, as none of our other R&D filters fit properly. We even 3D printed our own cap!

IMG_9984r E46 intake ready for testing

Note that this is a prototype and does not reflect any finalized production components. Stay tuned for our upcoming dyno results, which will be ready to post very soon.

Thanks for reading!