1. As is Tradition - Direct Fit Catch Can R&D

    As is Tradition - Direct Fit Catch Can R&D

    Tradition is something that spills over into just about everything. For the most part, we as a species like to settle into a groove. We keep things the way they are because that's just how they've always been done. While change is sometimes a good thing, it's often nice to have that hint of familiarity in the air. Not to mention, putting your foot down and standing by your principles holds a certain kind of respect.


    The muscle car scene is deeply rooted in tradition, especially when it comes to Mopars. While the new Chargers and Challengers might be trending towards a sleeker and sexier outward appearance, what's under the hood is reminiscent of another time. Calling out the size by cubic inches rather than liters, and even just the different editions bring plenty back to

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  2. Civilized Pipelines: Intercooler Piping R&D, Part 3: The Fruit of our Labors

    Civilized Pipelines: Intercooler Piping R&D, Part 3: The Fruit of our Labors

    This is truly the age of forced induction. A clear indication of the trend came with the release of Honda's 10th generation Civic. After decades of abstaining from giving the intake manifold any extra assistance, we've been delivered a lifetime of naturally aspirated 4 and 6-cylinder engines, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The turbo-less times lead to some truly remarkable engines from the Japanese giant, but enthusiasts craving the extra boost and whine from a turbo or supercharger were left to their own devices.

    While this might not be a 10th Gen, the 8th Gen is a popular platform for aftermarket forced induction kits. Owner Ian Palmeri wanted to ensure that what was going on under the hood matched the outward appearance of his FG2.
    While this
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  3. Defending the King - 2017 Honda Civic Type R Direct Fit Catch Can R&D Part 1 - Stock Review

    Defending the King - 2017 Honda Civic Type R Direct Fit Catch Can R&D Part 1 - Stock Review

    It's finally here. After 20 years, and a few extra months of waiting, the Civic Type R has made its way to the States. I have to say, if the standard Civic wasn't striking enough, the Type R has the qualities to make it one scalding hot hatchback. While some of the components carried over from the last generation, including some of the aerodynamics and the return of the mighty K20C1, the FK8 actually went on a bit of a diet and received not only a cosmetic makeover, but also a suspension overhaul fit for the new king of the Nürburgring. It's easy to see why so many are willing to pay thousands over MSRP for the chance to call this new Civic their own.

    Something about that wing lets you know that the CTR means business.
    Something about that wing lets
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  4. Reviving a Legend - Radiator R&D: Design & Build

    Reviving a Legend - Radiator R&D: Design & Build

    This radiator is on pre-sale! Check it out on our website!

    When AMC first began designing the XJ Cherokee as early as 1978, I doubt they knew that almost 40 years later their design would still be coveted by off-road enthusiasts as one of the greatest rock crawling and trail forging vehicles of all time. The engineers at AMC also probably didn't think that many of those XJ's would still be running with their original radiator. Between daily driving, fording rivers, and the occasional large rock or two, the effects of time and mother nature have taken their toll on these radiators.

    Once solid and reliable, the plastic end tanks have begun to crack, leaving evidence of their frailty as puddles in parking lots and driveways. The robust metal fixtures have given way to the persistence of rain and salt, becoming nothing more than crumbling rust. Carefully designed fins and tubes have been battered by rocks

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  5. Got Trucks, Got Jeeps (VOL. 2) - Catch Can R&D Part 1: The 3.6L Stock System

    Got Trucks, Got Jeeps (VOL. 2) - Catch Can R&D Part 1: The 3.6L Stock System

    Before you think you're seeing double, yes; we have two catch can projects in the works for Jeep's JK Wrangler, the first one being for the years of 2007-2011. I could have jammed both projects into one long series, but it would just be a disservice to you if I took that easy route.  The more research I've done for this project, the more I realize I'm talking to two, very different markets. I'd rather each project's focus be on that specific model-year Jeep, that way, you know that I am making these blog updates specifically for you 2012+ JK owners. Ok, the cat is out of the bag now - why don't we get into this project?

    Our other Jeep has the 3.8L engine

    The 3.8L and the 3.6L engines are just two different engines to non-Jeep folk,

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  6. Got Trucks, Got Jeeps (VOL. 1) - Catch Can R&D Part 1: The 3.8L Stock System

    Got Trucks, Got Jeeps (VOL. 1) - Catch Can R&D Part 1: The 3.8L Stock System

    Do you know the origin of the term Jeep? Some say that during WWII, these vehicles were referred to as General Purpose vehicles, and soldiers began slurring the acronym, G.P., into Jeep, hence its name today (there's a similar story behind the term Humvee). Others say that the name was derived from the popular cartoon character, Eugene the Jeep, from when the Popeye show aired back in the 1940's. Eugene the Jeep was a "go anywhere, do anything" type character, and interestingly enough, the US government had a contract sent out to several automotive manufacturers requesting a vehicle to replace the horse that was able to go anywhere and do anything. Are we going to try and debunk this once-and-for-all? No, I'm no historian. While there is still a lot of background I can go into there, this is a blog about awesome vehicle product development, so let's get to it.

    We already know that the Jeep name is synonymous with utility. Their notoriety soared for being the go-to service

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  7. Blow-By Verified - Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 1: That's A Lot of Oil

    Blow-By Verified - Oil Catch Can R&D, Part 1: That's A Lot of Oil

    What do carbon-deposit caked valves, decreased fuel economy, oily intake tracts and inefficient combustion all have in common? The resulting effects of engine oil blow-by. During combustion, the top side of the piston forces combusted gasses, with remnants of fuel and oil past the piston rings, and into the crankcase. This would force the crankcase to become pressurized without some sort of relief, so the content of what enters the crankcase exits the system through a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system and gets recycled through the engine via the intake tract.

    Our shop Ram getting ready to go under the knife

    You may have heard of a device called an air oil separator or AOS. These devices tap into your PCV routing system

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  8. Gas and Grease - The 2017 Philly Cheesesteak Run

    Gas and Grease - The 2017 Philly Cheesesteak Run

    The section of I95 between Baltimore and Philadelphia might seem like drab and uninspired stretch of pavement for the millions of commuters and travelers getting from point A to point B. However, it  serves as the main artery for bringing together people every year in a celebrated event to scarf down the savory staple of Philadelphia's culinary prowess, the cheesesteak. It's not just any group of people, but rather an extensive faction of gear-heads piloting the best vehicles that Germany, England, Japan, and America have to offer to satisfy their craving for speed and the fine mixture of cheese wiz and steak. What caused this yearly pilgrimage to South Philly's very own Tony Luke's cheesesteak stand? Simply one man who found Bimmers and cheesesteaks belonged together, and clearly others shared his appreciation for the combo before finally the event took its current form.

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