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BMW E46 3-Series Silicone Intake Boot Development!

Interested in picking up one of our E46 intake boot kits? Check out our product pages at the link below!

BMW E46 Silicone Intake Boot kit!

During the development of our new intake system for the 1999–2005 BMW 3-series, we identified yet another component that would be a vital upgrade as the E46 chassis begins to age (gracefully though, right?). With a lack of support in offerings for a silicone E46 intake boot set, we decided to design a set that would replace the failure-prone stock rubber units. If you’ve ever owned a BMW (E30, E36, E46, etc.) that utilizes such … Continue Reading ››

Keeping the Party Cool! Mishimoto’s Fiesta ST Radiator R&D, Part 1: Intro, Goals, and 3D Models

Interested in picking up our Fiesta ST aluminum radiator? Check out our discounted pre-sale linked below.

Mishimoto 2014+ Ford Fiesta ST Aluminum Radiator Pre-Sale!

If you keep up with the perpetually bustling engineering team here at Mishimoto, you would have noticed our recent projects involving the Focus ST. We could not ignore this vehicle’s little brother, the Fiesta, and after numerous requests we decided it was time to start development of new performance Fiesta ST parts. Before jumping into development, we needed a vehicle. So, we made a trip to the local Ford dealer here in Delaware and drove back in the … Continue Reading ››