1. We Get Around - Catch Can R&D, Part 6: Cadillac Field Trip

    We Get Around - Catch Can R&D, Part 6: Cadillac Field Trip

    Though the winter continues to perpetuate chilly weather and monotonous gloom here on the east coast, the future is looking bright for our Mishimoto 2013+ Cadillac ATS catch can kit. After a nice visit to the local Porsche dealership (yes, you read that correctly), armed with some anomalous 50◦ January sunshine, several delicious sandwiches, and our final ATS prototype catch can kit, we've determined that our fitment is just about spot on.

    For those of you just catching up with us now (I crack myself up), this ATS kit is largely the same as our Camaro 2.0T catch can kit, which is now on pre-sale"don't worry, the ATS pre-sale is not far behind!

    However, to properly fit the Caddy, we needed to design a bespoke set of ATS-specific brackets and hoses.

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  2. Catch A Wave (of Blow-By) - Part 5: Wait, How Many Cans?

    Catch A Wave (of Blow-By) - Part 5: Wait, How Many Cans?

    Happy 2017, people! I hope you all had wonderful experiences throughout the holiday season and you welcomed in the New Year with a glass of something delicious. I know I did! Whatever you had, I'm sure you enjoyed it much more than your Camaro 2.0T enjoys drinking blow-by. So to begin the year on the right foot, we're going to give you the opportunity to pick up a Mishimoto 2016+ Camaro 2.0T Catch Can kit.

    In my last post, I gave all of the ATS owners a little love and showed you how we route catch can hoses with our loaner Cadillac. Today, it's time to pivot back and take a look at the final setup as it will appear on the Camaro 2.0T. We've been working on a surprise addition to this design that you might want to check out.

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  3. Conquering the Catch Can - Part 2: Prototype Update

    Conquering the Catch Can - Part 2: Prototype Update

    If you remember from our last post about the Titan XD catch can, we ran into some challenges with the first prototype. Since our existing catch can design did not agree with the Titan, it was back to the drawing board for our lead engineer, Dan.

    Updated Design

    Our standard catch can when installed on the Titan was generating a code causing the truck to go into limp mode. The cause of the code stemmed from our standard catch can being too restrictive for the Titan's beefy Cummins engine. This is not surprising, given the 50 micron filter and smaller design of the can, which was originally designed for gasoline-powered cars. This catch can design functions beautifully on smaller turbo engines such as the Focus and Fiesta, as well as larger American V8s in the new-generation Camaro SS and Mustang GT. It just might not be suitable for the turbo diesel V8 in our

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  4. We Struck Oil - Catch Can R&D, Part 1: Stock System Review

    We Struck Oil - Catch Can R&D, Part 1: Stock System Review

    Oil catch cans are a hotly debated topic, yet one fact is still irrefutable; oil blow-by will always be a real byproduct of the modern direct-injection engine. Intakes, charge pipes, and turbos all come into contact with the stuff over time. Sometimes, even newer, low mileage vehicles develop blow-by issues. With direct injection, fuel is injected directly into the cylinders, eventually resulting in carbon buildup on the valves. This was not an issue with port injection, since fuel injectors were placed in the intake manifold. The air-fuel mixture is sprayed directly on the valves, essentially cleaning them each time an injector fired.

    Carbon and oil buildup in direct-injection engines can negatively impact vital engine components and can result in an expensive fix later down the road. I can go into long, excruciatingly deep detail about the dangers of blow-by, but I've given you the basics of what you should know. For more information, I strongly suggest that you take a look

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  5. Little Caddy - Catch Can R&D, Part 4: ATS Hose Routing

    Little Caddy - Catch Can R&D, Part 4: ATS Hose Routing

    Hello to all my wonderful Camaro 2.0T and Cadillac ATS owners! In our last update, we made the big reveal of our patent-pending blow-by tap. We drilled down into the details of how we plan on mining that nasty vein of oil vapor out of your LTG and transporting it to a catch can, instead of into your intake manifold.

    Today, we're going to take it back to basics a little bit and look specifically at that whole "transport" element. To go even further back to basics, check out our technical section to see why blow-by is so bad for your engine over time. You know all about the complex, unique parts of this Camaro catch can project, but what about something as simple and ubiquitous as the hoses?

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  6. Any Cooler You Like - Oil Cooler R&D, Part 2: Data and Pre-Sale!

    Any Cooler You Like - Oil Cooler R&D, Part 2: Data and Pre-Sale!

    Well, our SS and our 2.0T have quite the sibling rivalry, and as a fellow older brother, I can empathize with how the SS must feel to be challenged by this little 2.0T. However, older siblings are also often blessed with an innate ability to do things far better than their younger siblings (my sisters don't read car blogs, so I've basically got free reign here). As such, I'm sure the SS has some confidence in its oil cooling ability, and rightly so. But how will the 2.0T stack up?

    Younger siblings, ungrateful beneficiaries of free-ridership, often enjoy the ability to hop on the coattails of big bro and whisk themselves away into a world of PG-13 movies, unearned responsibilities, and other undeserved privileges. The 2.0T is no exception, as it's already been able to finagle itself this oil cooler. And guess what! You don't need to wait

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  7. Don't Worry Baby - Catch Can R&D, Part 3: Drilling In and Striking Oil

    Don't Worry Baby - Catch Can R&D, Part 3: Drilling In and Striking Oil

    Good afternoon, Camaro 2.0T and Cadillac ATS owners, and welcome to the latest R&D post for our 2013+ Cadillac ATS and 2016+ Camaro 2.0T catch can kit. For a recap on why you might want to remove blow-by from your engine, check out our technical article ALL about the nasty stuff. We've got some pretty awesome developments to share, but first let me begin by"

    Setting the Scene

    Imagine, for a moment, the warm hue of soft, August light, gently bathing the wooded pastures of northwestern Pennsylvania in a quilt of contrasting gold. The sun lingers low in the late-afternoon sky and casts heat over the valleys, but the breeze brings with it a subtle bite; a subdued, but confident nod to autumn's imminent arrival.

    For most, this weather typically imparts an assured sense of calm as the summer comes to a close,

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  8. Catch Can, Part 5: Overseas Updates!

    Catch Can, Part 5: Overseas Updates!

    For those who may be unaware, we've been working with some folks overseas in the UK and down-under in Australia to ensure that our catch can bracket has the best possible fit on right-hand drive GT86s, BRZs, and FR-Ss.  To learn more about the catch can's development process, check out our previous BRZ catch can R&D blog posts. To go one step futher and find out why a catch can is such a benefit to your engine, learn everything you need to know about blow-by in our technical article on the subject.

    Because research, development, and the actual creation of the parts all happen here in the US, the back-and-forth nature of the across-the-pond prototyping process takes a smiiiiidge longer than it would if we had a RHD car in our R&D facility, but it is progressing well nonetheless.

    In the meantime, I thought you may enjoy seeing how our

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  9. Us and OEM - Oil Cooler R&D, Part 1: Stock Review and Renderings

    Us and OEM - Oil Cooler R&D, Part 1: Stock Review and Renderings

    A car of mine has been in desperate need of a new oil pan for months, and it is currently sitting on jack stands in the garage. The new pan, gasket, and bolts are sitting in the back seat, so why isn't the pan on the bottom of the engine?

    I'll give you some hints as to the culprit: Only it will tell, nobody ever seems to have enough of it, and Pink Floyd wrote a song about it. No, I'm not talking about LSD - I'm talking about time.


    In our modern age, this connected world has led us to expect the fulfillment of our desires in short order. I want my MTV, and I want it NOW! In the movie Castaway, Tom Hanks' character sums it up well: "87 hours is an eternity. The cosmos was created in less

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  10. Bye-Bye Blow-By - Catch Can R&D, Part 2: Road Testing

    Bye-Bye Blow-By - Catch Can R&D, Part 2: Road Testing

    We have had some radio silence with this F150 catch can project, but we now have some updates that we are ready to spill! This has been an interesting project from the beginning. The bulk of time has mainly consisted of road testing; we've logged thousands of miles so far, and every single mile counts.

    Let's backtrack a bit. When we began this project, we intended to see what a dual-can setup would accomplish. In the last update we explained the benefit of having a catch can as part of both the PCV and CCV systems. Also, our engineer, Dan, was in the process

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