Chevrolet Camaro SS Performance Intake 2016+

  1. The Dyno Results - Camaro SS Intake, Part 3

    The Dyno Results - Camaro SS Intake, Part 3

    We have undertaken an intriguing project. The stock intake design for this 2016 Camaro SS is quite unique and working to increase performance has been a challenge, but here at Mishimoto, we welcome challenges! In the previous post, we went through the different iterations our Engineering Team had created, and we designed a prototype for testing. More testing was needed, however, before we could achieve the level of performance we wanted from this design. We will go through a detailed analysis of our final numbers for this Camaro cold-air intake project.

    Collecting the Dyno Data

    Dyno testing for Camaro cold air intake

    We strapped our Camaro SS onto the

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  2. Prototype Development - Camaro SS Intake, Part 2

    Prototype Development - Camaro SS Intake, Part 2

    Last time we left you with a detailed breakdown of the massive stock intake system of the 2016 Chevy Camaro. Designing a prototype that will keep this big V8 happy has been quite a task, but our awesome engineering team has come up with a unique design for a prototype. Let's start by taking a look at our components.

    Mass Airflow Sensor Housing

    The stock mass airflow (MAF) sensor is sandwiched inside an air straightener. This straightener differs from others because it doesn't take up the entire length of the tube. Instead, it's pretty much only as long as the length of the sensor. Based on this, we decided to take that element of Chevy's design and incorporate it into our housing piece.

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  3. Stock System Review - Camaro SS Performance Intake, Part 1

    Stock System Review - Camaro SS Performance Intake, Part 1

    This brand new Camaro has been quite the buzz in the world of muscle cars. If you haven't viewed it already, we break down this new SS in great detail in our video review series on our engineering blog. You should check it out!

    2016 Camaro SS Video Review Series

    On to the intake. We want to help free up some of that airflow, as these cars have been restrictive in the past. However, Chevy does have an interesting stock intake design for this 6th-generation Camaro. Let's dive into it.

    Stock System Overview

    Camaro SS parts under review

    The first thing we notice is how massive this intake tube is - the

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